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M1516HCT-P-SMA L1 GPS GLONASS PASSIVE ANTENNA Ordering Part #: 100-00002-02 Mechanical Specifications dimensions are in mm Features • Very low axial ratio • IP-67 mounted • Ultra light weight • Ground plane indepedent Applications • Vehicle and fleet tracking • Military & security • Asset tracking • Oil & gas industries • Navigation devices • Mining equipment • LBS & M2M applications • Handheld devices • Law enforcement Description The M1516HCT-P-SMA is a dual band, high performance antenna designed for both GPS and GLONASS, and built on Maxtena proprietary HeliCore® technology. This technology provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor. The M1516HCT-P-SMA is a screw-on design, featuring an integrated SMA connector. The ultra light design is rated IP-67 when mounted for added protection. This product is ideal for applications requiring high quality reception of both GPS and GLONASS signals. Electrical Specifications GPS RHCP Gain GPS Axial Ratio GLONASS RHCP Gain GLONASS Axial Ratio WIRELESS INNOVATIONS COMPANY Maxtena Inc. 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 102 Rockville, MD 20855 1-877-629-8362 info@maxtena.com www.maxtena.com

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