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COMPANY IDENTITY Corporate name : MATREX SAS Legal status : Simplified joint-stock company Date and place of creation : 1961 in PLESSIS TREVISE (91), in France Share capital : 310 000 euros Annual Sales : 6 millions euros SIRET : 41130156700011 TVA : FR 14411301567 NAF code : 2822Z (Manufacture of lifting and handling equipement) OUR EXPERTISE MATREX designs, manufactures and installs conveyors and handling systems, for industry, logistics, courier and airport. Located at 120 km from PARIS (1h30) in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. MATREX is settled in a 12 500m² industrial building and employs about...

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OUR ACTIVITIES FIELDS MATREX has two strategic activities fields :  Industry and Logistics  Airport For the industry field, MATREX equipment's are dedicated to:  Logistics, e-commerce  Automotive industry  Industrial supply  Machines manufactures  Furniture industry  Consumer goods industries  Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries In the airport field, MATREX offer complete baggage handling systems (BHS) and passenger processing, as well as security screening equipement and airport furniture. MATREX is member of PROAVIA, the French airport technology association. OUR MARKET...

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Technical Engineering MATREX uses its own integrate design office, equipped with " PRO ENGINEER and AUTOCAD” software. Our project managers support each customer in their development of handling solutions on measure by adapting our ranges of standard equipment. Mechanical Engineering MATREX has machine with numerical controls and traditional machining and cutting for the manufacture of its rollers and all mechanical parts. Punching and forming The steel frame and parts are produced on a CNC machine according to customer needs. Each part is drawn using CAD software. The program is...

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We are knit team, engaged and « proud to be MATREX », who shares the passion of industry every day. We share knowledge (employees, for effective them all. our expertise and our with our interlocutors customers, suppliers…) communication between We respect our commitments and develop a trust relationship with our interlocutors. Our Quality Policy is based on the permanent reduction of nonconformities and the consolidation of our experience with methodology and accuracy. We are committed to implementing a continuous improvement and an innovation approach of products and internal process.

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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY Since 2011, MATREX has an Ethics Charter for its employees, which formalizes the conduct to be followed in the context of their professional activities, in terms of behaviour with suppliers, service providers, subcontractors and customers, involving moral integrity, respect for people and the law, risk prevention and fair competition. In terms of sustainable development, MATREX employees must take into account the short, medium and longterm environmental effects in their professional mission. This starts with the design and development of the products and...

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QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT We are committed to implementing a continuous improvement process in three areas: quality, security and the environment. We are committed to respecting regulatory and contractual requirements with our partners and to promoting the continuing training of our employees and temporary workers. QUALITY Satisfy customer needs and expectations • • • • • Implement a customer-focused quality approach Develop heavy-duty, innovative and efficient handling solutions Analyze and control failure risks Analyze and deal non-conformity and provide preventive and corrective measures...

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Airport achievements MATREX 2012-2019 CHECK-IN BANKS 4 simple check-in conveyors 1 make-up baggage carousel 1 baggage reclaim carousel 1 conveyor line : DEPARTURE 1 conveyor line : ARRIVAL 8 double check-in conveyors 6 check-in counters 6 simple check-in conveyors 1 odd-size check-in counter 1 odd-size check-in conveyor 2 baggage reclaim carousels Belt and Roller conveyors 2 baggage reclaim carousels Belt and roller conveyors DOUBLE BANK SIMPLE BANK BAGGAGE CLAIM AUTOMATIC SORTING MANUAL SORTING 1 weighing scales for check-in 2 double check-in conveyors 3 double check-in conveyors...

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CHECK-IN BANKS 2 Baggage claim carousels 4 Check-in bank and counters Manual sorting carousel 2 Inclined baggage claim carousels 2 Roller racks 1 Inclined baggage claim carousel 2 Roller racks 2 Baggage claim carousel 8 Check-in banks and counters 1 Manual sorting carousel 2 Baggage claim carousel 1 Bypass between 2 carousels 12 Check-in banks 1 Oversize check-in bank 4 Passenger Control lines Port Gentil 124 1 Manual sorting carousel 121 2 Baggage claim carousels 122 1 Manual sorting carousel 91 13 Belt conveyors 2 Conveyor lines : DEPARTURE 40 3 Conveyor lines : ARRIVAL 71 3 Baggage claim...

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Contact us MATREX SAS ZI Route de Rousson - BP 37 89500 Villeneuve-sur-Yonne (France) Phone: +33 3 86 87 01 89 E-mail:

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