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intelligent passenger solutions The leader in self bag drop

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Materna IPS, the aviation company of the Materna Group, has been a leading player in the aviation industry for over three decades as an international service provider for automated passenger handling for airlines, airports and ground handling companies. Our customers include companies like Lufthansa, easyJet, Emirates, Westjet and Eurowings as well as the following airports: Denver, Toronto Pearson, John Wayne, Montreal, Quebec, Victoria, Fort McMurray, Bangalore, Tokyo Haneda, London Gatwick, Oslo, Stockholm, Vienna, Athens, Budapest, Milano Malpensa, Bergamo, Hamburg and Berlin. With over...

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Benefit from No.1 self bag drop solutions PASSENGER HANDLING AS SELF-SERVICE WAITING TIME REDUCTION No queues – fast process Quick amortization through optimal workload management  High cost savings TERMINAL SPACE REDUCTION MORE AUXILIARY REVENUE

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Oustanding self bag drop solutions As airports and airlines have to meet the challenges of increasing passenger numbers, stricter security and cost regulations, they have to concentrate on improving passenger handling processes. Their common objective is to speed up check-in and baggage drop-off to reduce waiting times at those touch points. Materna IPS offers self-service solutions for optimized passenger convenience and has been delivering automated baggage drop-off systems based on modern technology for about 20 years. Depending on the specific solution and whether a one- or two-step...

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system. One design. Future-proof. One of the common goals of airlines and airports is to provide their passengers with a pleasant experience and smoothly running services before their departure. Today, however, the increasing number of passengers and strict security requirements as well as the effort to minimize the risk of infections create major challenges. In addition, airports must remain competitive and rely on efficient passenger handling. In order to ensure this in existing terminal environments, our self-service solutions help airports and airlines to automate their processes....

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Various unit options Flex.Go offers single or double units as sideloaders or frontloaders either as standalone or integrated systems. This provides maximum flexibility to meet the requirements of our customers. The conveyor belts as well as the cladding can be inserted into the Flex.Go easily. We can deliver nearly every size of conveyor with flexible belt-widths and lengths (standard: 600 mm usable belt-width). Since there will always be occasions such as peak times or any other specific incidents, where the service of a traditional airline agent will be a useful addition, Flex.Go is also...

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Customizable device options Adjustable monitor height: Flex.Go features a 19" touchscreen by default that can be adjusted individually without the need for tools. Multiple printer setup: Flex.Go is designed to hold up to 3 printers in an easy accessible drawer. It is capable of 1-& 2-step processing whereas the usage of a 3rd printer (bag tag) enables the automatic switch over feature between bag tag rolls which leads to less disposable waste and more sustainability. Advanced technology for conveyability checks: As a next generation SBD, Flex.Go provides an integrated camera system for...

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Flex.Go – designed to meet your needs. Optimal space for passenger handling Due to its very compact dimensions, Flex.Go occupies only a very little floor space and fits perfectly into the terminal environment. Passengers benefit from the generous space and privacy it provides while they carry out the drop-off process.

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Look & feel With its elegant design and material options the Flex.Go goes the extra mile when it comes to greenfield installations by giving you the opportunity to pick colors and design elements within the airport when designing the Flex.Go exterior. color and decent illuminated glass dividers, Flex.Go provides a sophisticated look by default. Nevertheless our experts are looking forward to create any customized look that matches your individual requirements. With high-quality galvanized steel, powder coated with a fine structure matte RAL 9003 Custom RAL color Stainless steel Colored...

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Greenfield solutions Kiosk series Airlines and airports want to offer their passengers the best possible service, but at the same time cost-efficiency is an issue in order to remain competitive. Also, as terminal space is limited, airports must find ways to smoothly and quickly process their passengers. Materna IPS self-service kiosks are the economical way to accelerate processes such as check-ins and baggage drop-offs resulting in less queuings and more satisfied travelers. Pax.Go – Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Germany Pax.Go – Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy Whenever airports refurbish or...

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Choose your solution Originally designed for being the 1st step of a 2-step installation, Flex.Kiosk features the same design as our top-of-the-line Flex.Go SBD unit. It also follows the same wellproven modular approach and enables space-saving and intuitive passenger handling. technologies such as full page document scanner, biometrics, RFID, Chip and PIN payment and can even be operated completely touchless when equipped with Materna’s innovative Touchless.Connect feature. The Pax.Go, on the other hand, features a very own, unique design that allows screen sizes of up to 32“. Thanks to...

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2-step processing In the early days of self-service check-in and bag drop, it was a trend to have a combined process for passenger and baggage check-in while today more and more passengers are already checked in before they even arrive at the airport. To cope with growing numbers of passengers heading for the actual bag drop and as a result lining up in front of the SBD units, a 2-step bag drop process does not only provide a noticeably higher passenger convenience but also has an economic impact, too. Existing check-in kiosks can be used to print bag tags separately, so travelers can take...

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