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Access XL2/XXL Access barriers for wide lanes For particularly wide lanes For entrances to freight forwarders, company and port facilities, as well as on multi-lane roads – Magnetic XL2 and XXL barriers are the ideal solution when wide entrances of up to 8.5 m (XL2) and up to 10 m (XXL) have to be controlled with a single barrier. An optional boom skirt also efficiently prevents intruders in security- elevant areas. With their low impact forces, these r barriers are also approved for locations where the movement of people can be expected (when the stipulated safety equipment is installed). For wide entrances With maximum barrier widths of 8.5 m and 10 m respectively, the Access XL2 and the Access XXL are the ideal solution for wide entrances that have to be controlled with a single barrier. Innovative drive technology The MHTM™ drive unit is maintenance- free, energy-efficient and quiet. The high torque guarantees best possible operation even under extreme weather conditions. MAGNETIC AUTOCONTROL GMBH At the heart of the Access series is the innovative MHTM™ drive that is distinguished by its energy efficiency, lack of maintenance and long service life – the Access XL2 and XXL are designed for 2 million opening and closing cycles. By the way, Magnetic quality lies not just in the detail, but is also easily recognisable to all thanks to stylish design. The Access series has already been awarded two design prizes. Legal security All Magnetic barriers have a Decla ration of Conformity in compliance with the Machinery Directive and a Decla ation of Performance in line with r the Con truction Products Directive. s Thus operators and those responsible for commissioning are always on the safe side in questions of liability. Easy access to components Two simple steps: control systems and the drive unit are easily reached by removing the cover and front plate. This increases user-friendliness and accelerates commissioning and service.

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Access XL2/XXL Barriers for wide lanes arge barrier width of up to 10.0 m L igh security with optional barrier boom skirt H ery low operating costs thanks to efficient and long-lived V MHTM™ drive ase-of-use and optimum accessibility thanks to well E thought-out design egal security with Declarations of Conformity and L Performance esigned for 2 million opening and closing actions D Technical data Lane width Opening/closing time Power consumption Drive technology Duty cycle Enclosure rating Temperature range Standard colours Control system Integrated 2-channel detector for induction loops...

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Special colours Standard boom skirt Boom skirt with climb-over prevention (height = 1.30 m) Boom skirt with climb-over prevention (height = 1.80 m) Pendulum support* Support post* Boom interlock Boom illumination, red1 Light strips, red/green2 Hood light Key-operated switch Radio module Ethernet module RS485 module CAN module (counting) Second detector module GSM module Safety light barrier * Both models must be supported with a pendulum support or with a support post. 1 With climb-over prevention only possible on the back of the barrier boom 2 Not in combination with standard boom skirt...

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Magnetic stands for pioneering products – in every way. Our access control systems for vehicles or pedestrians clear the way for thousands of people every day – at car parks, toll gates, stations, airports and in buildings. Our technology is also pioneering, however: with innovative drives, intelligent control systems and well thought-out details it provides maximum safety and longevity. Are you also on the path to Magnetic? Vehicle barriers Pedestrian gates Access barriers Parking barriers Toll barriers Special barriers Turnstiles Swing gates Tripod gates Retractable gates Wing gates Cars...

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