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A Passion for Precision - 1

e · a passion for precision · passion pour la précision · pasión por la precisión · passione per la preci

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A Passion for Precision - 2

Imagination G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, located in Fellbach near Stuttgart, has been developing and producing professional sensors and systems for climate and environment measurement for more than 130 years. The precision workmanship of highly skilled specialists has enabled our LUFFT label to be known and the products ' to be purchased worldwide. Intelligent meteorological sensors ' form the basis of highly available measuring networks along roads, rails and at airports all over the world. Meteorological services and environmental bod- . v ies appreciate the precise and long...

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A Passion for Precision - 3

Wind and Weather: Intelligent environmental sensor technology - compact "all-in-one", individual stand-alone sensors as well as mobile solutions. The modular concept offers the ideal sensor solutions for every application. In addition to robustness (metal housing) and the high accuracy, long-term stability, calibration capabilities as well as a virtually maintenance-free operation form the base for the reliable use of environmental sensors. A wide variety of digital interfaces ensures easy integration into many systems Traffic and Weather: A key element for reliable travel times on land...

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A Passion for Precision - 4

Weather-critical processes optimized Traffic weather, renewable energy (solar and wind), agricultural weather, building automation, smart homes, smart cities… Cooperation with system partners worldwide demands a wide variety of different models and interfaces. The environmental sensors from Lufft, whether used stationary or mobile, can be integrated into new or existing applications by means of many different protocols. Lufft Imag

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A Passion for Precision - 5

to minimizing the consequences of extreme weather affecting the population. Wind and rain cause extreme weather such as tornadoes and floods, worldwide. Fine particulate air pollution ("chemical weather”) is a relatively new problem. In all cases this concerns microclimates. Dense measurement networks with high-quality sensors contribute Environmental systems typically are in service for more than 10 years. In such cases sensors must provide a long-term stable operation, be suitable for calibration and upgradable in order to generate reliable measurement data over their entire life.

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A Passion for Precision - 6

When each droplet counts! It’s hard to believe that it is possible to measure the thickness of a rain droplet and that our radar sensor is able to detect how much precipitation is falling, what type of rain it is and its size! In such cases high-tech sensor systems are extremely precise and scrupulous in every detail. When it comes to dealing with traffic safety, Lufft measuring technology knows no mercy. Lufft Imag

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A Passion for Precision - 7

Every time when traffic comes to a standstill... ...it not only affects the mood of the motorist, but also cleverly devised supply chain systems. The result of this are delayed deliveries or cancellations and ultimately the loss of time; time which none of us has! where we from Lufft can help. Next to sensors in use of traffic guidance systems regulating road capacities, we at Lufft are the experts for the detection of disturbances caused by weather. Decision-makers need to act quickly at the onset of winter. Available capacities have to be deployed where they are needed. Motorists require...

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A Passion for Precision - 8

You As an architect, technical specialist, consultant, engineer, climate expert or scientist – the list of our typical customers just gets longer – you bear a heavy responsibility for people, equipment, goods and processes. Lufft Imag

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A Passion for Precision - 9

Our technology supports application-specific solutions The demanding and complex measuring tasks of today can only be mastered with high-precision measuring instruments. On the one hand you as a customer need the ideal instrument for a specific task, on the other hand a portable measuring instrument can be used multifunctionally to obtain a variety of measurements; sometimes only for a quick test and sometimes with simultaneous recording of measured values on a PC Whether investigating the temperature of a surface without contact, the dew point temperature of air or on walls, the moisture...

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A Passion for Precision - 10

Wonder? No, our measuring instruments are not disposable electronic products. When we recommend the purchase of Lufft environmental monitoring and measuring technologies, we are talking about a 15 year fully functioning life cycle; in formidable industrial applications we calculate with a time span of 8 to 10 years thanks to our consistent upward compatible concepts and design. Lufft Image

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A Passion for Precision - 11

The system architecture and construction of Lufft products is not left to coincidence. Our products are designed with sustainable applicability in mind, as well as having an open and upgradable design. This means that our customers do not have repeatedly high initial costs; they are neither threatened every few years by a total overhaul of their equipment due to new innovations, nor will they fall behind the most up-to-date technical standards. Modularity, sustainable data recording and planning of open interfaces in all important areas also aid the development of future products. Sensors...

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A Passion for Precision - 12

Lufft receives many awards and accolades for innovation and customer orientation. In recognition of quality and innovation - for more than 130 years. Our motivation: to consistently engage in innovation and customer orientation.

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A Passion for Precision - 13

Lufft is certified Every sensor has to take a break once in a while. Each measuring unit fluctuates slightly during its operating time. This is not a question of a fault or a unit’s functional efficiency, but a recognized phenomenon by all parties in this branch. Minimal fluctuations can also occur with Lufft sensors; and our sensors are especially durable modules that are continually placed under extreme conditions (measuring CO2 in incubators, humidity measurements in tropical conditions, e.g. at the equator). The triple point of water (balance of all 3 physical states solid, liquid and gas)...

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