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Lufft Ceilometer Series - 2

Lufft Ceilometers A ceilometer is a device which uses a laser or other light source to determine the height of a cloud ceiling or cloud base. Ceilometers can also be used to measure the aerosol concentration within the atmosphere. When based on laser, it is a variant of atmospheric lidars (light detection and ranging) which send short laser pulses into the atmosphere and measure the backscattering of molecules and aerosols. From the backscatter signal, such ceilometers determine cloud bases and aerosol layer heights. Using the single-wavelength, backscatter Lidar technology, Lufft...

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Lufft Ceilometer Series - 3

Measurement Examples Cirrus Clouds The graphical view of backscatter activity shows a cirrus cloud structure over the course of the day between 6 and 12 km and an aerosol layer structure up to 2 km altitude. The related height profile (black line at 21:00 UTC) is shown at the right side of the diagram. This graphic shows a rain situation. A certain drop in cloud height and an increase in cloud mass and volume can easily be perceived in the graphical view by evaluation of the height profile (black line at 18:30 UTC) shown in the right sub-area of the graphical view. One can identify...

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Lufft Ceilometer Series - 4

Product Description & Technical Data The main difference between the two Lufft ceilometers is the laser source, the detection method (analog versus photon counting method) and the sensivity at ground level. The field of view of the receiver is larger on the Lufft CHM 8k cloud height sensor. Fields of Application Hweather services E ASOS systems, aviation market E EPA/ Universities: Environmental studies of fine dust, mixing layer E Renewable energy market - solar energy (cloud cover) - wind energy (cloud base) Benefits B Low false alarm rate and high probability of cloud detection under all...

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Lufft Ceilometer Series - 5

Measuring principle Measuring parameter Measuring range Cloud detection range Time resolution Range resolution Quality and auxiliary values Quantities given in layers Accuracy (measured on hard target in 10 km distance) Additional quantities Standard interfaces Optional interfaces Power supply Power consumption UPS functionality (opt.) Light source Wavelength Laser protection class Protection level housing Electrical safety Certifications Temperature range Operational altitude Relative humidity Wind Dimensions Weight Accessories External and internal temperature, window status, laser...

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Lufft Ceilometer Series - 6

In Ukraine, thanks to Lufft partner Dataspektr, the state aviation administration certified that the Lufft ceilometers comply with the ICAO standards. One important use of the ceilometer is to determine cloud ceilings at airports. CHM 8k can identify up to 9 cloud layers and is very sensitive even at ground level. The CHM series is part of the Lufft sensor range for Airport Weather Observation Systems (AWOS) and Runway Ice Detection Systems (IDS). Further sensors in this range: Mobile Runway Sensor MARWIS Lufft ARS31 embedded runway sensors MARWIS is the first road and runway The embedded...

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Lufft Ceilometer Series - 7

Dutch Weather Service KNMI A network of more than 40 Lufft ceilometers will support the Dutch Weather Service for precise and real-time monitoring of all aerosol and clouds activities over the Netherlands itself as well as on various offshore locations in the North Sea. German Weather Service DWD Measurement campaign from DWD in Falkenberg, Germany in 2005: Lufft CHM 15k is combined with a microwave radiometer and a cloud radar. The DWD has a network of more than 100 CHM 15k for detecting aerosol layers and retrieving vertical profiles of particle backscatter coefficients. The large number...

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Lufft Ceilometer Series - 8

G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH Gutenbergstraße 20 70736 Fellbach T: +49 711 51822-0 For more information, please contact:

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