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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers The DD-Frame is a compact yet very powerful circuit breaker. Using hydraulic-magnetic technology which ensures that breaker performance is unaffected by ambient temperature, the CBI DD-Frame series is suitable for various applications in telecom and datacom equipment. These applications include being the main breaker for battery applications, power supplies, distribution breaker for larger loads in DC branch protection, lighting control, UPS, inverters and DC power switching and in power distribution units (PDU). The DD-Frame is also available as a switch. Due to its robustness and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the DD-Frame breaker is also used in military applications, railway infrastructure, railway signalling and rolling stock and also in renewable energy solutions for protection in combiner boxes and other battery and storage applications. DD-Frame profile The DD-Frame is available in various configurations and can be structured to suit specific requirements. Available in 1 to 6 poles, this robust and versatile circuit breaker comes in both AC and DC configurations with a choice of various time delay characteristics. Among the common configurations are the front mount standard handle and flush rocker handle options. As for the termination, metric and imperial stud terminals, plug-in (bullet terminal), screw, and clamp terminal configurations are available. The breaker comes with the option of an auxiliary switch and trip alarm. Customer specific configurations, DIN rail mount and various other options are available. The DD-Frame compact and precision circuit breaker is made of high quality thermoset material, which offers increased electrical and mechanical endurance. The self-cleaning mechanism of the contact actuators ensures that the circuit breaker contacts are kept clean and operate smoothly, offering longer life span. Approvals The DD-Frame circuit breaker is CE & CCC compliant and carries various approvals such as VDE, cURus, EAC and CCC. It is also recognised to UL1077 and UL508, and listed to UL489 and UL489A. Compliant with AS / NZS 60947-2. Note: The DD-Frame replaces CBI’s old version of the D-Frame, and is similar in fit and form, with enhanced features. Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers are unaffected by ambient temperature and carries 100% rated current DD-SERIES-DAT REV. G NOVEMBER 2021 2110041 Data Sheet Page 1 of 8

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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers Features AC and DC circuit breaker Hydraulic-magnetic technology 100% rating capability independent of ambient temperature Up to six poles VDE, EAC and CCC approved, CE certified UL compliant (Listed / recognised) Ratings 0.1 A to 100 Aac and 400 Adc (Specific certifications) Precision tripping characteristics Wide range of circuits, mountings, terminations and time delays Two colour handle indication (Two tone flush rocker) Optional mid-trip indication (Standard handle) Optional auxiliary switch and trip alarm Optional remote switching (see RAU data...

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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers Technical Data Product Type Ambient Operating Temperature Endurance Dielectric Strength Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Weight Altitude Shock Vibration Flammability Toxicity Pollution Degree DD-Frame -40°C to +85°C 10000 operations; 1500 with current, 8500 without current (IEC60947-2 Clause* 1000 operations DC, 6000 operations AC (IEC60934 Clause 9.11)* 10000 operations; 6000 with current, 4000 without current (UL489 Clause 7.1.5)* As per UL 489 or minimum of 1000 operations with current (UL489 A Clause 12)* 6000 operations with current (UL1077...

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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers Torque Table Description Front Inserts Rear Studs Clamp Screws (DIN Rail mounting) Flush Rear Screws DD-Frame Series Circuit Breakers Ordering Information Group 1: Frame Group 2: Type Group 3: Mounting Group 4: Handle Type or Blank for Reduced Handle Code D Code 2 Code A G S Code 2 A C H M W Q R Code 3X 4X 5X AX DX Group 6: Total No. of Poles Group 7: Rated Voltages and Frequency Main Circuit Description DD-Frame Description DD-Frame, DD-Type Description Front mount, rectangular aperture Rail and surface mount Front mount, rectangular aperture, flush...

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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers DD-Frame Series Circuit Breakers Ordering Information Group 8: Time Delay Characteristics (Pulse Tolerance @ 10 ms) Group 9: Main Circuit Current Group 10: Circuit Configuration (Circuit Breaker’s Internal Construction) Code XXXX 100 1000 K400 Code AX BX DX GX HX KX LA LB LX MX Group 11: Auxiliary and Alarm Switches Types & Options (Refer to Aux switch specification on page 3) Description Long delay 50 / 60 Hz AS & Dual rated Medium delay 50 / 60 Hz BS & Dual rated Short delay 50 / 60 Hz CS & Dual rated Long delay 50 / 60 Hz AH & inertia delay Medium delay...

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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers DD-Frame Series Circuit Breakers Ordering Information Group 12: Voltage and Current Ratings for Dual Control, Shunt and Relay Trip Construction Recommended pulse duration: Group 13: Terminal Options for Dual Control, Shunt and Relay Coils Quick connect terminals (0.8 mm X 6.35 mm) Flying leads (wire terminals) Group 15: Customer Specific Customer Specific Product Group 16: Handle Colour White handle, black marking Not applicable on the two tone version Red handle, white marking Y Group 17: Handle Markings Green handle, white marking Black handle, white...

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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers Outline Dimensions: Panel Cutout Standard Handle Data Sheet Page 7 of 8

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DD-Frame - Series Circuit Breakers Outline Dimensions: Panel Cutout Standard Handle Please review our Customer Terms and Conditions on www.cbi-lowvoltage.co.za All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages are copyrighted by CBI (Pty) Ltd. No part of these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose other than personal use. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior...

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