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FlexLoader - 1

DATA SHEET Mobile Terminal Equipment Lödige FlexLoader Designed for small and medium-sized cargo terminals, the FlexLoader is the multifunctional handling unit for pallets and ULDs. The electro-hydraulically operated FlexLoader combines the function of a truck dock and a pallet transporter. It has all the functions necessary for the handling of air cargo units from the unloading of lorries, transporting units within the warehouse and transferring on to workstations, slave pallets and dollies. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the FlexLoader has a freely steerable drive which allows flexible drive movements in all directions. The integrated lifting function of the vehicle allows uptake and release of ULDs from different heights. The FlexLoader is available in two different sizes. Extremely flexible options for handling courtesy of remote control operation Versatile range of uses with just one piece of equipment High manoeuvrability IATA-compliant transportation of ULDs and pallets Lödige Fördertechnik GmbH | Wilhelm-Lödige-Str. 1 | 34414 Warburg Telefon: 05642 702-0 | Fax: 05642 702-111 | E-Mail: flexloader@lodige.com

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FlexLoader - 2

DATA SHEET MOBILE TERMINAL EQUIPMENT Lödige FlexLoader Functions: All functions of the FlexLoader are controlled with a wireless remote control panel. This allows the operator to take place in the optimum position next to the FlexLoader with the best overview in each loading and unloading situation. The FlexLoader XL can optionally be equipped with a cabin in which the operator can drive on the FlexLoader. Horizontal transfer of ULDs in the NEP direction Vertical alignment with the various heights of docking lorries Vertical transfer of ULDs to the second custom built storage level...

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