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Manometre DN63 -Avec Protection caoutchouc : -Corps en laiton -Transparent en PMMA -Double echelle bar/psi -Autres echelles sur demande -Classe 1.0 -Raccord male au choix: Male 1/4 NPT - male 1/4 GAZ cylindrique - male 10x100 -Documents qualite inclus Pressure gauge ND63 -With Rubber Protection: -Brass body -Transparent PMMA -Double scale bar/psi -Other ladders on request -Class 1 -Choice of male connector: 1/4 NPT male - Male 1/4 cylindrical GAS - male 10x100 -Included quality documents REFERENCE Part Number MANOMETRE METALLIQUE DN63 1/4 NPT MALE METALLIC PRESSURE GA UGE ND63 MALE 1/4 NPT

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