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Ground Handling System The HeLi Loader 3600 enables a helicopter weighing up to 3.6 metric tons to be moved without a towing vehicle. A singLe man can easily transport the helicopter. Thanks to handling that is precise down to the very centimeter, helicopters and other aircraft can also be maneuvered to the desired position even in cramped hangars. Because it is simpLe and compact to handle, the Heli Loader 3600 is very safe and also has a wide variety of integrated security systems. This minimizes the danger of accidents and consequent damages to the helicopter. Its high-performance capability and variable speed control up to 6 km/h mean that it has no problem covering longer distances. Even minor inclines and uneven ground are no obstacle for the Heli Loader 3600, which can easily get over them thanks to its two separate lifting devices. The Heli Loader 3600 is suitabLe for all common types of skid helicopters and comes with the option of a steering drawbar or remote control

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Technical Data Drive system Battery Battery charger Brake Speed Frames Steering Helicopter adapter / hydraulically liftingsystem Electric engine with differential axis, 24 V 1.2 kW. Two drive wheels, pulse control 4 x 12 V135 AH plumb-acid battery Integrated HF charger 230/24V 18A with charge Level indicator and battery sustainment function Spring power brake magnetic 16 Nm/24V forward and backward: approx. 0-6 km/h for helicopter tiLL approx 3.600 kg, 8.000 lbs dimensions: 5.99 m Length x 1.36 m width Mechanical steering: Heavy duty doubLe joint wheeLs, single Load till 2000 kg, 360°...

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