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SafeView™ - 1

SafeView™ Advanced Imaging The SafeView people-screening system reveals concealed threats effectively and safely Leidos’ SafeView enhances checkpoint security in any secure environment—for asset protection, corrections, manufacturing, retail and warehousing facilities, border crossings, courthouses, embassies, and other facilities. The SafeView is a millimeter wave personnel screener that quickly creates a 3-D black and white image of the subject being scanned. The system’s imaging tools enable trained analysts to locate a broad range of threats and contraband. Depending on the object size, location, and composition, the analyst is able to locate many types of concealed contraband, weapons, explosives and valuables, made of plastics, metals, ceramics, liquids, gels, and powders. The SafeView offers advanced imaging—without any health risks. The SafeView does not use X-rays or ionizing radiation. Algorithm driven auto-assist and auto-detect options are available. The SafeView can also be configured for automatic target detection (private) screening. O ptional “image-on-demand” mode enables operator to request an image analysis as the situation warrants. The SafeView can be upgraded in the field to take advantage of new features or threat algorithms. › orrections C › Asset protection › oss prevention L › hreat detection T ›

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SafeView™ - 2

THE LEIDOS ADVANTAGE The SafeView underscores Leidos‘ commitment to improve security through the advancement of innovative technologies for diverse, complex and demanding applications. Enhanced Security: OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE Thieves, terrorists, smugglers, and other criminals constantly search for clever ways to conceal threats and contraband. The SafeView’s advanced technology eliminates the ambiguity of hand searches and reveals a range of objects that metal detectors simply cannot. Based on a less than 1.5-second scan, the system analyst is able to locate many metallic and...

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SafeView™ - 3

Preserving Privacy: MULTIPLE LEVELS OF PROTECTION During the scan, reflected waves are captured by the system's sensors and processed to create a series of images from multiple views, resulting in a 3-D image of the subject. The SafeView offers multiple privacy options that can be customized to support customer-specific operational procedures. > Images: Analysts see a 3-D black and white image. > Privacy: The system provides options that allow blurring of the face and other areas of the body. > Remote Monitoring: Enables analysts to be stationed in separate rooms, where they cannot see the...

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SafeView™ - 4

Inner walls: Outer walls: Height: Width: Depth: Weight: Power: Clear polycarbonate 3 mm PVC and clear polycarbonate 4.5 mm 2.36 m (7' 9") 1.5 m (4' 11") 2.27 m (7' 5") 698.5 kg (1540 lbs) 100 VAC - 240 VAC / 1900 Watts Peak 50 hz - 60 hz SAFETY > Non-ionizing radio waves > Interior lighting ANALYST WORKSTATION > Customized Windows®-based PC 1.50 m (4'-ll.lM) FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT © Leidos. All rights reserved. The information in this document is proprietary to Leidos. It may not be used, reproduced, disclosed, or exported without the written approval of...

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