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Compact Advanced Personnel Screening The ProVision 2 with Automatic Target Detection quickly screens passengers using safe millimeter wave technology to automatically detect concealed objects made of a broad variety of materials — both metallic and non-metallic. The ProVision 2’s modern and attractive exterior is compact to fit into tight aviation checkpoint areas. On the inside, the ProVision 2 enhances security at any checkpoint by delivering robust Automatic Target Detection, high throughput, image-free privacy and safety. The ProVision 2 has been optimized for aviation applications, and may also be suitable for select non-aviation environments. AUTOMATIC DETECTION SAFE TECHNOLOGY Automatic target detection software processes digital scan data to determine if the individual can be cleared through the checkpoint. If a potential threat is identified by the software, an outline highlighting the area(s) of concern is displayed over a generic mannequin figure on the operator’s control panel. Security personnel then assess the situation. Leveraging safe radio waves, the ProVision 2 offers advanced personnel screening — without health risks. T he ProVision 2 detects a broad range of aviation targets which include the following objects and materials (metallic and non-metallic): weapons, standard and home-made explosives (sheet and bulk), liquids, gels, plastics, powders, metals, ceramics, and other solids. T he ProVision 2 offers customers an upgradable technology platform that can be enhanced through software updates as new threats and requirements emerge. The ProVision 2 does not use X-rays or ionizing radiation. T he signals created by the ProVision 2 are thousands of times less powerful than other commercial radio frequency devices such as cell phones, wireless handsets and other standard household devices. HIGH THROUGHPUT The ProVision 2 is built for high checkpoint throughput. A quick scan provides security personnel with the data they need to confidently pass an individual through a checkpoint. L ess than six second total processing time for the scan and decision. P rocesses up to 200-300 people per hour depending on application. R eplaces the need for time-consuming physical hand searches. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT © Leidos. All rights reserved. The information in this document is proprietary to Leidos. It may not be used, reproduced, disclosed, or exported without the written approval of Leidos. 20-leidos-0420-21554 | 20-144565 | Leidos Creative Most widely deployed advanced personnel screener in the world M eets or exceeds TSA and EU ECAC requirements T SA Approved and deployed E CAC EU CEP approved and deployed Parallel screening options for increased throughput A utomatic detection

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