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Optimizing Security Checkpoints for Increased Throughput and Airport Revenue

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Optimizing Security Checkpoints for Increased Throughput and Airport Revenue Airports are welcoming back customers in increasingly large numbers and are looking for ways to regain revenue lost during pandemic shutdowns. There is opportunity in non-aeronautical revenue (NAR) — which includes retail shops, dining, and other amenities in airports. To make the most of this opportunity, airports need to find ways to get passengers quickly past security so they have more time to spend in the airport itself. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) 2019 Global Passenger...

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Think Big: Larger Trays Accomplish Big Things To achieve the optimum 1:1 ratio, the size of the trays is of crucial importance — this includes both overall area and depth. With larger trays, passengers can divest required items into a single tray and security operators do not have to shuffle these items between trays or keep track of how many trays are being used per passenger. This is especially important with newer bag screening technologies, such as CT, that do not require divestment of liquids or electronics. Another area of importance is tray depth. Security operators frequently...

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