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CENTRAL SCREENING TOOL TO IDENTIFY AND PRIORITIZE INTERVENTION ACTION > Airport group and terminal centralization > Airport terminal centralization > Seamless integration between screening room and checkpoint security areas > Centralization of screening terminals > Outbound passenger security screening > Staff access security screening > Hold baggage security screening Centralized X-Ray security screening system Tougher security measures, higher passenger numbers and growing disregard to the packing of permitted such as liquids, aerosols, and gels. by travellers is presenting a whole new set of challenges for senior airport executives in charge of airport security. Airports large and small are confronted with a shared concern of how to enhance the passenger experience while at the same time respond to the need for increased vigilance in their security screening operations. Mach-SmartViewMatrix helps achieve, or, enables achieving a more secure screening environment, improved passenger throughput and an enhanced passenger experience. Adopting a centralized security screening system provides for better asset utilization. Images can be viewed and analysed without the need for screening officers to be physically located next to the equipment. Bottlenecks in passenger throughput are reduced and data collected can be used to inform future operational decisions and drive improved performance management. Centralized control room benefits > Increase in security compliance > Increase in resource and throughput efficiencies > Decrease in capital expenditure

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Mach-SmartViewMatrix provides a fully integrated centralized screening system that provides rapid return on investment, better asset utilization and improved performance management. DATA CAPTURE, TRANSFER AND STORAGE > Tray X-ray image > Security personnel log on details > Tray counts > Threats selected by screener > Threats found and selected by searcher > TIP images (missed/found) > Transaction date & time stamp > Tray journey time > Airline information > Statistic report by threat/time/ percentage analysis > Passenger tray correlation > System fault reporting

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SYSTEM FEATURES FULL MACH-SMARTVIEW® FUNCTIONALITY R FID secure track and traceability C amera image of tray contents available at all stations D ual image available at all stations U p to 30 configurable threat categories A uto reject of trays – can be configured to suit regulatory requirements Independent solution compatible with all leading X-ray manufacturers A bility to matrix multiple X-ray manufacturers D ual or single image matrix capability F ull back up to local screeners to offset any server or network failure F ull analyst station control functionality I ntelligent matrix...

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MACH-SECURE INTEGRATED AIRPORT SECURITY SOLUTIONS The Mach-Secure suite of products and systems will dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an airport's security systems while enhancing the passenger experience and lowering the operational costs. > Mach-SEMS® > Mach-SmartLane® > Mach-SmartARCS® > Mach-SmartView® > Mach-SmartViewMatrix® > Mach-SmartAccess® > Mach-SmartSense® > Mach-SmartGate® > Mach-SmartRoster® > Mach-SmartBRS® > Mach-SmartSAC® > Mach-SmartRegister® > Mach-SmartTutorial® > Mach-SmartPredict® > Mach-SmartPupil® > Mach-SmartDrop® > Mach-SmartFlow® > Mach-SmartCargo®...

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