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eXaminer®3DX-ES Explosives Detection System Accuracy, Dependability, and High Throughput The TSA-certified eXaminer 3DX-ES is an enhanced speed, inline EDS that delivers 750 bags per hour. With the same industry-leading 3D Continuous Flow CT technology used in the eXaminer family, the 3DX-ES delivers reliable threat detection and low false alarm rates. PROVEN PERFORMANCE HIGH THROUGHPUT The eXaminer 3DX-ES is based on the proven eXaminer 3DX platform which excels at operational performance: Scans more bags per hour with fewer false alarms, reducing bags requiring secondary search. Certified by TSA; meets both 100% threat mass and 75% threat mass detection standards R eliable threat detection with high automatic clear rates Operational availability exceeds 99% S cans more bags per hour with fewer false alarms, reducing bags requiring secondary search T hroughput in the medium-speed category: 750 bags per hour Available as an in-line system M ore than 1,000 eXaminer systems deployed in 26 countries E xisting eXaminer 3DX* systems can be field-upgraded to the 3DX-ES platform Same footprint as the eXaminer 3DX SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY No prescreening required; one rapid pass provides all the data necessary to determine the presence of threats or clear bags for flight. 3-D Continuous Flow technology scans bags with helical CT at speeds precisely synchronized to the speed of the conveyor belt for complete bag coverage without gaps in 3-D image data coverage. U ser-friendly 3-D image processing tools allow operators to fully rotate images to obtain the view they want. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: © Leidos. All rights reserved. The information in this document is proprietary to Leidos. It may not be used, reproduced, disclosed, or exported without the written approval of Leidos. 20-leidos-0420-21554 | 20-144565 | Leidos Creative LOWER OVERALL COST OF OWNERSHIP Efficiency and reliability reduces staffing and maintenance costs. F ewer false alarms reduce need for on-screen review of bags by operators A dvanced 3-D imaging tools reduce number of bags requiring timeconsuming secondary screening S ecure OptiNet™ networking linking up to 270 network elements – hold baggage systems, viewing systems and search workstations—help clear more bags with less staff * pgrade option available on systems u manufactured after February 2005 – c

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