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B220 HT ™ Desktop Explosives & Drugs Trace Detector Simultaneous detection of trace amounts of explosives and drugs in real time The Leidos B220 HT combines the latest in ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) analysis technology with unmatched ease-of-use and an industry-leading low false alarm rate (FAR). Simultaneous detection of explosives and drugs are delivered in seconds. Integrated with our Modular Open System Architecture of Integrated Components (MOSAIC), the B220 systems provide real-time status for an enhanced operationally effective solution. It provides a robust solution that features remote troubleshooting/ diagnostics and the capability of enabling remote software upgrades. Connecting into existing systems architecture, operators can monitor alarms and system health and generate reports and chart performance statistics. This also allows for configurable logical system groupings (i.e. specific terminals or checkpoints) to streamline operations. The B220 HT is the first explosive trace detection (ETD) optimized unit to sample people and is ideal for high traffic environments. The system‘s patented Dynamic Cleaning™ system ensures optimal system performance and is resistant to contamination that can occur with sampling on hands. The inCal™ automatic internal calibration system uses no consumables and does not require any action by the system operator, so screeners can focus on security. Costs and inconveniences associated with false alarm rates are dramatically reduced due to B220 HT’s FAR being more than 80% lower than required by certification bodies. Common maintenance procedures are fully automated and the long life dopants and calibrants last for years without replacement. Routine service consists of cleaning, using common supplies and desiccant replacement as required. No radioactive material is used in any of Leidos’ ETDs, so there are no associated certification, licensing, inspection, testing, transportation, or decommissioning costs. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT © Leidos. All rights reserved. The information in this document is proprietary to Leidos. It may not be used, reproduced, disclosed, or exported without the written approval of Leidos. 20-leidos-0420-21554 | 20-144565 | Leidos Creative S imultaneously detects explosives and drugs in seconds D ynamic Cleaning optimizes unit for sampling on hands M OSAIC Integrated Solution Component F irst-ever certified wand for passenger screening L owest false alarm rate in the industry

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