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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 1

FlowMaster Advanced PIV / PTV Systems for Quantitative Flow Field Analysis

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 2

FlowMaster Integrated Turn-Key Systems with unique Measurement Capabilities LaVision’s Pioneering Innovations Advanced PIV / PTV Systems based on Mie Scattering and LIF LaVision designed the most flexible and powerful commercial PIV system family FlowMaster, based on our application knowledge and our tradition of technical communication with our customers. LaVision continuously offers the best PIV algorithms for calculation and validation, like deformed interrogation windows or the unique regional median filter for data validation. 4 first commercially available highly sensitive 12 bit PIV...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 3

Working Principle The FlowMaster system family is designed to measure instantaneous 2D- and 3D-velocity fields using the well-established Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) technique. The flow is seeded with small particles which follow the flow. Typically a pulsed laser beam is formed into a light sheet and is fired twice with a short time delay dt. Both illuminations are recorded by one double-frame high resolution CCD camera. flow direction sheet optic double pulsed Nd:YAG laser light sheet The recorded image is divided into small interrogation windows typically 64 x 64 down to 16 x 16...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 4

Innovative Flow Field Analysis Algorithms for PIV / PTV LaVision provides up-to-date flow analysis algorithms developed in close cooperation with various PIV research groups. The software is open for user modifications and extensions based on the built-in CL macro language, which has already been used extensively by many customers (‚C‘-Syntax: source code available). The flow field analysis algorithms for evaluation of PIV measurements come with the Data aquisition and Visualisation software package DaVis. DaVis is the unique software platform for the LaVision camera based systems. Its...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 5

Software Features The FlowMaster PIV software packages offer several features for highly accurate 2D and 3D particle image evaluation. New features are added continuously by LaVision’s software engineers and our customers throughout the world using the CL macro language. These user programmed functions are freely distributed and can be integrated into the DaVis software. Image Preprocessing 4single image calibration with dual-level target 4compensates even strong distortion 4wizard guided Stereo-PIV self-calibration 43rd order polynomial or pinhole camera model fit 4masking with arbitrary...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 6

Application Fields Wide Range of Aeroand Hydrodynamic Flow Applications FlowMaster systems have been successfully used to investigate a wide range of flow phenomena occuring in science and engineering, as well as in biological and medical applications. Using FlowMaster, PIV can be applied to gaseous and liquid flows and even to multiphase or reactive flows like combustion. courtesy: Franzius-Institut, Hannover Aero- and Hydrodynamics 43D-velocity field using stereo imaging 4multi camera support 4automatic calibration procedure 4improvement of flow analysis near surfaces by effective stray...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 7

courtesy: DNW (German-Dutch Wind Tunnels) FlowMaster basic 2D-PIV systems can easily be extended to application for more sophisticated flow problems. Stereo- or Tomographic PIV are offered for more detailed flow analysis. FlowMaster can be upgraded to a combined PIV-LIF system, e.g. LaVision´s SprayMaster or FlameMaster system. For this purpose the FlowMaster cameras can be utilized with image intensifiers. Stereo-PIV 43 velocity components in the light sheet Tomographic PIV 43D3C-vector field in a complete volume 4fully digital recording and processing FlameMaster 4OH, NO - formation...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 8

Remote Control of Scheimpflug Condition, Aperture, Focus Stereoscopic Imaging FlowMaster Stereo-PIV is a straight forward extension of the FlowMaster 2D concept and enables the measurement of all three velocity components inside a light sheet. Stereo-PIV is based on the principle of stereoscopic imaging: two cameras capture the image of the illuminated flow particles from different angles. Scheimpflug lens arrangements keep all areas of the image planes in focus. While one camera can only measure the projection of the particle movement perpendicular to its optical axis, the combination of...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 9

courtesy: Dr. A. Schröder, DLR Goettingen Instantaneous 3D3C-Vector Field in a Complete Volume Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry (Tomo-PIV) is a novel technique for 3D velocity measurements. Velocity information results from three-dimensional particle pattern cross-correlation of two reconstructions obtained from subsequent exposures. The technique is fully digital and allows high seeding (information) density and provides dense vector fields compared to sparse 3D-particle tracking. The method is truly instantaneous across the volume, as opposed to scanning PIV. Tomo-PIV is suited for...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 10

Camera and Laser Endoscopes for limited Optical Access PIV measurements in IC engines, turbo machinery or pumps usually require the manufacturing of costly prototypes with large windows to gain optical access. Using LaVision’s endoscopic PIV system has enormous advantages in these experiments. Small optical access of only 8 mm holes enables PIV measurements in a much easier way and therefore reduces the costs and complexity of the required prototype. laser endoscope camera endoscope LaVision´s laser endoscope generates a laser light sheet from a high power pulsed laser. It is designed to...

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Quantitative Flow Field Analysis - 11

The FlowMaster Micro-PIV systems are designed to measure velocity fields of particle seeded flows with micron scale spatial resolution using PIV techniques. air bubble particle image vector field micro channel with air bubble Conventional PIV applied to Microscopic Systems FlowMaster MITAS stereoscopic Micro-PIV setup The light source is a double pulsed Nd:YAG laser that is focused by an epifluorescent microscope with a high numerical aperture on a microfluidic device. The microflow is seeded with fluorescent particles. A microscope lens collects the particle signal that has a longer...

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