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Multi-Parameter Laser Imaging Intelligent PIV Upgrades

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Multi-Parameter Laser Imaging - 2

Laser Imaging is a powerful tool for Multi-Parameter Flow Imaging. LaVision combines, in a unique way, flow velocity imaging based on Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) with imaging of scalar flow parameters such as concentration, mixture fraction, and temperature applying Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Raman and Rayleigh techniques. High resolution droplet sizing and particle imaging are accomplished using Interferometric Mie Imaging (IMI) and shadowgraphic imaging, respectively. In addition, particle concentration fields are recorded using Mie scattering or Laser Induced Incandescence...

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Multi-Parameter Laser Imaging - 3

LaVision’s FlowMaster PIV systems are the key component of this powerful multi-parameter flow imaging approach. For each imaged flow parameter a complete hardware and software module is provided. This modular nature of all imaging upgrades provides full flexibility for different imaging solutions. Full System Flexibility for Different Laser Imaging Solutions DaVis Project Manager for Laser Imaging One Source for All Your Laser Imaging Solutions! Con7/>ust/on ,fn»sr/ner Mass Flux Phase Separation D32 Mapping Geometry Patternation Droplet Sizing Concentration Mixing Temperature Soot...

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