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PRODUCT SHEET SkyNode® S200 - the leading Safety Services SATVOICE solution for reliable Air Traffic Services communications. Value-Added Partner to Iridium® The lightest and most versatile integrated Next Gen Satellite Services (NGSS) aeronautical Iridium Satcom device. Latitude Technologies is a leader in Safety Services SATVOICE and Data Link capabilities. The Latitude SkyNode S200-012 is a a robust, Iridium-based Satcom system that meets the requirements for Long-Range Communications Systems (LRCS) for Air Traffic Services (ATS) safety services communication. The system features multiple voice communication interface options including a Dual A739A MCDU interface for airlines and single CDU for business jets. Designed to ICAO SVGM and AC 20-150B, the S200 features versatile mounting configurations compatible with a wide variety of airframes and multiple interfaces for easy maintenance and integration. Key Figures SATCOM Expertise Industry Adoption Systems Certified Global Presence Latitude Technologies is part of the ACR Group of companies. Discover Latitude Latitude designs and manufactures leading Iridium Satcom terminals for flight data monitoring, flight following, satellite data link, and voice communications. Latitude has produced industry-leading avionics for over 20+ years.

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Applications: Truly global voice communications with 99.9% reliability for your second long range communication system. Applications: Customizable for FANS, ACARS, and ADS-C with DL150 supporting FANS 1/A Data Link. SKYNODE S200 Designed according to some of the toughest environmental standards in the industry, the SkyNode for Safety Services functions as an ARINC 739A sub-system to interface to Multifunction Control and Display Units (MCDUs). An ideal certified solution for a Long Range Communications System, ensure your pilots are always connected to your Operational Control Centre and...

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ATS SAFETY SERVICES TERMINAL Robust, lightweight, and configurable to multiple airframe types for easy maintenance Standard ARINC 739A interface for direct connection to Compliant Multi-Function Cockpit Display Units Supports Safety Services Voice compliant Priority, Preemption and Precedence ATS Calling Scheme. Multiple mounting configurations for ease of hardware maintenance & replacement PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS IRIDIUM SERVICES Safety Services SATVOICE POWER REQUIREMENTS 12-34 VDC 0.5A nominal @28 VDC 0.8 max A transmit DIMENSIONS 2.75“ x 3.81“ x 11.50“ (H x W x D) 7.20 cm x 9.70 cm x...

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