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PREPOLISHING & POLISHING PREPOLISHING MACHINE When the prepolishing phase demands a high level of effectiveness and precision the RECTILAM®2.0 is the answer. This machine is particularly productive in the preparation of coated or raw samples by high speed prepolishing. Several parts can be installed on the central pressure sample holder. Large parts can also be treated individually. The principle of high speed prepolishing on stone enables significant material removal and unrivalled flatness without rounding the edges. The single block design and rigidity of the RECTILAM®2.0 avoids vibration which is detrimental to the surface condition. In order to ensure significant and even removal of material, a reconditioning system automatically follows each stage of polishing. The prepolishing system and the sample holder are connected to the same mechanical arm which guarantees precision. The RECTILAM®2.0 is supplied with an integral security hood. The assembly includes a closed-circuit lubricating filtration system integrated into the machine as well as a spray-tap for cleaning. Automatic flat prepolishing machine Prepolishing of large raw samples. Prepolishing of coated samples, mounted on a central pressure sample holder

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PREPOLISHING & POLISHING Grinding and prepolishing are crucial steps in the preparation of a metallographic sample. It is the quality of these steps which will condition and optimise the rest of the process. At the end of the prepolishing step, the sample’s aspect must be uniform and regular without any alteration of the inherent flatness or the material. PREPOLISHING MACHINE The RECTILAM®2.0’s unique feature is its 2 axis principle. The Z axis deals with the motorised rise and fall of the reconditioning tool and the pressurisation of the sample carrier. The R axis enables precise...

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