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ProVision® 2

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FACT SHEET Compact Image-free Advanced Personnel Screening The ProVision 2 with automatic target detection quickly screens passengers using safe millimeter wave (MMW) technology to automatically detect concealed objects made of a broad variety of materials – both metallic and nonmetallic. The ProVision 2 fits easily into tight aviation checkpoint areas and enhances security by delivering the same robust automatic target detection, high throughput, image-free privacy, and safety as the proven ProVision ATD system.   The passenger experience with the ProVision 2 is convenient, straightforward and efficient, requiring only a single stationary position during a less than 1.5-second scan. No special movements or motions are required. Automatic Detection Automatic target detection software processes digital scan data to determine if the individual can be cleared through the checkpoint. If a potential threat is identified by the software, an outline highlighting the area(s) of concern is displayed over a generic mannequin figure on the operator’s control panel. Security personnel then assess the situation. • etects a broad range of targets which include the D following objects and materials (metallic and non-metallic): weapons, standard and home-made explosives (sheet and bulk), liquids, gels, plastics, powders, metals, ceramics, and other solids, etc., in accordance with TSA and EU ECAC specifications. • argeted search replaces the need for time-consuming physical T hand searches. Image-Free Privacy The ProVision 2 is an image-free solution that eliminates privacy concerns. • utomatic target detection software eliminates the generation A and review of images. Numeric scan data is analyzed by software without human intervention to determine if any threats are present. • otential threat areas are then presented to the operator P using a generic mannequin. • ffers an upgradeable technology platform that can be O enhanced through software updates as new threats and requirements emerge. • ptimized for aviation applications, and may also be O suitable for select non-aviation environments. Safe Technology Leveraging safe radio waves, the ProVision 2 offers advanced personnel screening—without health risks. • he ProVision 2 does not use X-rays or ionizing radiation. T • he signals created by the ProVision 2 are thousands T of times less powerful than other commercial radio frequency devices such as cell phones, wireless handsets and other standard household devices. High Throughput The ProVision 2 is built for high checkpoint throughput. A quick scan provides security personnel with the data they need to confidently pass an individual through a checkpoint. • less than 1.5 second scan time provides information on A potential threats. • upports processing 200-300 people per hour depending S on protocols. L3 Security & Detection Systems This information contained in this factsheet is subject to change without notice. This factsheet is intended for marketing purposes only and in no event shall it be used or included in a resulting contract between L3 and customer. Actual products delivered may not match the products depicted herein and may not include all the features and capabilities shown. L3 has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in this factsheet is accurate and it disclaims any and all warranties for such accuracy and completeness. Final determination of the suitability of L3's products for any application or the manner of its use is the sole responsibility of the customer. This factsheet consists of L3 general capabilities information that does not contain controlled technical data as defined within the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Part 734.7-11. © 2017 All rights reserved. L3 Security & Detection Syste

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