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Clear Cabin Baggage Explosive Detection System New aviation security regulations will enhance airline security and passenger convenience while challenging traditional X-ray scanners. ClearScan is designed to meet the challenges of increased detection requirements with the lifting of liquids and electronics restrictions in cabin baggage. When integrated with IntelliCore™ (L-3’s powerful checkpoint operations software solution) and ProVision® 2 (the market-leading security scanner), ClearScan delivers a comprehensive aviation checkpoint solution that improves threat detection, enhances traveler satisfaction, and increases operational efficiency. Enhanced Security The ClearScan cabin baggage EDS combines dual-energy CT technology and advanced explosives detection algorithms to detect solid, liquid, sheet explosives and smaller emerging threats such as home-made explosives – all at a low false alarm rate. This powerful combination is designed to meet current and future detection standards while increasing passenger convenience. Improved Passenger Convenience A key element of checkpoint security is a streamlined passenger experience. ClearScan allows travelers to transit the checkpoint security line in less time and with less effort. • Eliminates divesting of liquids and electronics allowing passengers to save time and use less trays Greater Operational Efficiency With scanning capacity of over 500 bags per hour and a false alarm rate that dramatically reduces the need for time consuming bag searches, ClearScan can significantly improve airport checkpoint throughput and efficiency. Available options such as remote screening and integration with an automated TRS/diverter can further reduce checkpoint staffing requirements. • Remote screening efficiently allocates alarm resolution among security operators • Low false alarm rate reduces the need for bag re-check personnel while enhancing throughput • High resolution 3D and 2D imaging allows operator to rapidly and confidently resolve alarms Product Highlights • ECAC D/D+ Std 2 Qualified • Eliminates divesting of liquids and electronics • Designed to detect solid, liquid, sheet explosives and HMEs • Low false alarm rate • Optional features such as remote screening • A low false alarm rate reduces the number of bag recheck searches required • Optional integration with automated tray return system (TRS) • Auto divert pushes the alarmed bag to the re-check side allowing cleared bags to proceed uninterrupted • Self-paced parallel divestiture allows multiple passengers to enter the security simultaneously and by-pass slower travelers L-3 Security & Detection Systems This information contained in this factsheet is subject to change without notice. This factsheet is intended for marketing purposes only and in no event shall it be used or included in a resulting contract between L-3 and customer. Actual products delivered may not match the products depicted herein and may not include all the features and capabilities shown. L-3 has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in this factsheet is accurate and it disclaims any and all warranties for such accuracy and completeness. Final determination of the suitability of L-3's products for any application or the manner of its use is the sole responsibility of the customer. This factsheet consists of L-3 general capabilities information that does not contain controlled technical data as defined within the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Part 734.7-11. © 2016 All rights reserved. L-3 Communications, Secu

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