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Strict and Advanced Key Management can be Realized. KEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PKS SERIES 123 ID 456 789 Easy Removal Key holder can be removed by card or passcode authorization. Flexible Settings for Each User Key removal can be restricted per each card or ID depending on the security level. In Use Easy Check You can see on the display who is using the key. AUTO The key holder is automatically locked as soon as it is returned to its original position. (Key holder 30 pcs) Only permitted key holders can be used after ID authorization with your card and passcode. On the LCD display and the PC via LAN, you can check the usage status stored in the internal memory. Variety of management functions PKS Management Software facilitates strict management It is possible to set the timer to make an error when the key is not returned within the set time (Timer settings), and to set not to take out the key outside the set time (Timercode). The unauthorized use can be blocked by restricting the use of keys according to the time. In addition, various settings such as allowing only the person who take the key out to return it, or making it possible to take it out by authenticating with two people, are possible. PKS can be connected to a PC via LAN. You can register, change, delete, and inquire user settings, master settings, and various settings, as well as input and output user data on the PKS Management Software on PC. The software makes it easy to perform operations such as settings and save histories. User information Removed by Ms. A Available to set the front panel opening time. Stringent management Usage status monitor with ID authentication Key level setting External alarm input/output Front panel forced-open and device error can be informed to the external device. Simultaneous unlock can be also performed through input signal. 50,000 events can be recorded Trouble It is possible to record each operation such as key holder removal/return, front panel opening/closing and various errors.

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