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MAKS series - 1

Automotive ancI GeneraI Purpose IVUnIature Pressure Sensor wiTk Hiqh Temperature EIectronIcs WIhere Innovation ancI TEchNoloqy DrIve tIhe Future

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MAKS series - 2

Automotive and General Purpose Miniature Pressure Sensor with High Temperature Electronics Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc., a world leader in solid state technology and pressure sensing products, is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary new series of high performance pressure transducers, designed specifically for the performance racing industry, yet adaptable for a wide variety of test applications. For over 50 years, Kulite has been a leading manufacturer of reliable, high accuracy, miniature piezoresistive pressure transducers suitable for harsh environments. In order to...

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MAKS series - 3

Kulite Automotive Pressure Sensors Smallest High Performance Amplified Transducers Worldwide Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. is the leading name worldwide in the transducer industry. Kulite is the first name in pressure transducers for the automotive engineer and scientist working at the cutting edge of research and design in their fields. The piezoresistive silicon sensor is the heart of the Kulite pressure transducer. It has evolved over the years to the dielectrically isolated silicon on silicon technology in use today. The newest generation of sensors, referred to as the Leadless...

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MAKS series - 4

Kulite transducers are used in a variety of performance racing and test applications. Kulite pressure transducers have been supplied to the automotive market for use in laboratory testing such as, dynamometers, engine and power train, oil and fuel pumps, piston ring sealing analysis, combustion and exhaust and so many more areas of automotive interest. Please consult your nearest Kulite Sales Office for your particular application. Data sheets for all products shown are available at our web site: Kulite holds 3rd party approval tor AS9I00 and IS09001 as well as SIRA and CSA...

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