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KULITE AIRCRAFT TRANSDUCERS FEATURES Patented Solid State Silicon on Silicon Technology Operational Modes: Gage, Sealed Gage, Absolute & Differential Isolated Sensor Eliminates Any Risk of Contamination Mature Technology 50 Years Experience Custom Designed For The Application With a Unique Part Number Pressure Ranges From 1 psi Up To 20,000 psi Low Level Output Model Series APT-1000 Has 10VDC Input And lOOmV FS Output High Level Output Model Series APTE-1000 Has 28VDC Input And Voltage Output Or Current Draw Signal Solid State Pressure Switch Live Zeros Available For All Aircraft Transducer...

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Gas Turbine Engine Sensors - 3

PROPULSION / ENGINE Engine Oil. Absolute Pressure Engine Oil. Gauge Pressure Oil Filter Delta Pressure Fuel Pump Pressure Fuel Filter Delta Pressure Pi Total Air Absolute Pressure P2 Compressor Inlet Air Pressure P2.5 Intermediate Air Pressure P3 Compressor Discharge Air P5 Engine Exhaust Air Pressure PI25 Fan Air Pressure Compressor Air Bleed Plenum Turbine Cooling Air Pressure Transmission Oil Pressure - Turboshaft Engine Torque Pressure - Turboshaft Redundant Oil Pressure Redundant Fuel Pressure Redundant Fuel Filter Delta Pressure Redundant Pressure and Temperature Starter Air Valve...

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Gas Turbine Engine Sensors - 4

Pressure Measurements Dual Pressure, Dual Temperature Oil Dual Delta Pressure Pressure/Temperature Measurements Temperature Measurements

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Gas Turbine Engine Sensors - 5

Test Sensors Kulite is the leader in supplying transducers to the aircraft engine industry, providing sensor solutions for laboratory research, engine development testing, flight quality engine measurements and various Turbine Engine measurements for Commercial, Military and Power Generation applications. Please consult your nearest Kulite Sales Office for your particular application and visit our web site for additional information, Please consult your nearest Kutte Sales Office tor your particular application. Data sheets for aH products shown are avatabh at out web site:...

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