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FAP-250 - 1

FLOW ANGLE PROBE MINIATURE PRESSURE TRANSDUCER FAP-250 SERIES • High Frequency, High Accuracy Performance • Patented Ultra Miniature Rugged Design • Ideal For Aero Propulsion Measurements and Complex Flow Structures • Patented Leadless Technology VIS® The FAP-250 design features Kulite's patented SOI leadless technology with sensors positioned at the tip of the probe head. These fast response probes are ideal for aerodynamic measurements with complex flow structures, including turbomachinery flow distortions diffusers/mixers. The 5 position sensor construction allows concurrent measurements of 2 flow angles, total and static pressure, Mach number and flow speed. Kulite recommends the KSC Series of signal conditioners to maximize the measurement capability of the FAP-250 transducer. ORIENTATION MARK .405 NOM. COMPENSATION MODULE 1.0 (25,4) Nom. Long X .135 (3,4) Nom. Wide X .10 (2,54) Nom. Thick (5 Places) .250 DIA. COLOR RED BLACK GREEN WHITE DESIGNATION + INPUT - INPUT + OUTPUT - OUTPUT Pressure Range 20 LEADS LENGTH: AS REQUIRED “B” SCREEN (OPTIONAL) TYP. 5 PLCS. Operational Mode Over Pressure 2 Times Rated Pressure With No Change in Calibration Burst Pressure 3 Times Rated Pressure Pressure Media Most Conductive Liquids and Gases - Please Consult Factory Rated Electrical Excitation Maximum Electrical Excitation Input Impedance Output Impedance Full Scale Output (FSO) Residual Unbalance Combined Non-Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability Natural Frequency of Sensor Without Screen (KHz) (Typ.) Insulation Resistance ENVIRONMENTAL Acceleration Sensitivity % FS/g Perpendicular Operating Temperature Range Compensated Temperature Range Thermal Zero Shift Thermal Sensitivity Shift Steady Acceleration Linear Vibration Electrical Connection Pressure Sensing Principle 100 Megohm Min. @ 50 VDC -65°F to +250°F (-55°C to +120°C) +80°F to +180°F (+25°C to +80°C) Any 100°F Range Within The Operating Range on Request ± 1% FS/100°F (Typ.) ± 1% /100°F (Typ.) 10,000 g. (Max.) 10-2,000 Hz Sine, 100g. (Max.) 4 Leads 36 AWG (Length as Required) Fully Active Four Arm Wheatstone Bridge Dielectrically Isolated Silicon on Silicon Patented Leadless Technology Note: Custom pressure ranges, accuracies and mechanical configurations available. Dimensions are in inches. Dimensions in parenthesis are in millimeters. All dimensions nominal. (J) Continuous development and refinement of our products may result in specification changes without notice. Copyright © 2014 Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Kulite miniature pressure transducers are intended for use in test and research and development programs and are not necessarily designed to be used in production applications. For products designed to be used in production programs, please consult the factory. KULITE SEMICONDUCTOR PRODUCTS, INC. • One Willow Tree Road • Leonia, New Jersey 07605 • Tel: 201 461-0900 • Fax: 2

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FAP-250 - 2

FULLY INTEGRATED MINIATURE, HIGH FREQUENCY FLOW PROBE UTILIZING LEADLESS, SOI TECHNOLOGY SUITABLE FOR GAS TURBINES Alexander A. Ned, Dr. Tonghuo Shang, Scott Goodman, Adam Hurst, Dr. John Chivers Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. Dr. Gerald R. Guenette Massachusetts Institute of Technology The measurement of pressure and flow direction have been essential measurements in the development of turbomachines since the very early days of the gas turbine. More recently, these measurements have been used in flow field diagnosis to verify the correct operation of a turbomachine. Over the last...

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