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Brake Pressure/ AntiLock Brake System Testing Operating Capabilities Up To 1000 F (538°C) Up To 1300 'F (704"C) - With Water Cooling Pressures Ranging From 1 psi (68 mbar) Up To 20,000 psi (2,000 bar) Threaded Series From 6-32 UNF (3.5 mm) Up To.375 (10 mm) Transmission Testing Coolant Pressure and Temperature Exhaust Systom Tostlng Hydraulics System Fuel Pressure Pitot Sensor iKust/utton Courtvsy General Motors Corp Used iv.'tn permission. GM Modui ArMm Tm drawing ts lor Hbtlratioo purposes only and indicates areas where KuWe transducers have boon tnsktHod on an automobfa tor test purposes.

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Fuel Pressure Brake Pressure/ AntiLock Brake System Testing In Cylinder Pressure EWCT-312(M) Measurement Intake Manifold Coolant and Oil Pressure and Temperature Transmission Testing Kulite Automotive Pressure Sensors The most versatile sensors manufactured in the world Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. is the leading name worldwide in the transducer industry. Kulite is the first name in pressure transducers for the automotive engineer and scientist working at the cutting edge of research and design in their fields. The piezoresistive silicon sensor is the heart of the Kulite pressure...

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Fuel Pressure XTL-123B-190(M) • Easy Installation • Patented Leadless Technology VIS® • High Natural Frequency • 10-32 UNF or M 5 x.8 Thread • Wide Temperature Range • Compatible With All Automotive Fluids Engine Testing Oil Pressure ' ' ETUETM-634-312(M) • Smallest High Performance Amplified Transducer Worldwide • Patented Leadless Technology VIS2(ETL Series) • High Temperature Electronics 365°F(185°C) • Rugged Design Provides Compatibility With Most Corrosive and Conductive Materials • High Overpressure Capability • Aerospace Quality Components • Designed and Engineered For...

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Testing and Diagnostic Measurement Kulite pressure transducers have been supplied to the automotive market for use in laboratory testing such as. dynamometers, engine and power train, oil and fuel pumps, piston ring sealing analysis, combustion and exhaust and so many more areas of automotive interest. Please consult your nearest Kulite Sales Office for your particular application. Data sheets for all products shown are available at our web site: kulite Kofi re holds 3rd parry approval lor AS9IOO and IS09001 as i KuUa is an approved FAA'EASA/CAAC repair station. Please visit...

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