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Aircraft Pressure Transducers - 2

Fuel Filter Pressure Starter Control Valve Redundant Gage Pressure Crew Oxygen Mature Technology Over 50 Years Experience Custom Designed For The Application With A Unique Part Number Pressure Ranges From 1 psi Up To 20,000 psi Low Level Output Model Series APT-1000 Has 10VDC Input and lOOmV FS Output High Level Output Model Series APTE-1000 Has 28VDC Input and Voltage Output Or Current Draw Signal Engine Fuel Filter Redundant Delta P De-Ice Switch Fuel Pressure Engine Mount Redundant Delta P Hydraulic Actuator Pressure Brake Pressure Rudder, Elevator, Aileron Control Tire Pressure...

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Aircraft Pressure Transducers - 3

AUXILIARY POWER UNIT (APU) Bleed Air Pressure Air Inlet Pressure Main Oil Pressure P3 Air Pressure PI Total Air Pressure Exhaust Air Pressure Fuel Filter Delta P Pressure HYDRAULIC PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS HIGH PRESSURE SEALED GAGE & ABSOLUTE Actuator Pressure Accumulator Pressure Brake Pressure (FDR) Brake Pressure Anti-Skid Flap Pressure Flight Controls Pressure Monitoring Hydraulic Filters Delta P Hydraulic Pressure Switch Hydraulic Pump Pressure Hydraulic Reservoir Rudder Actuation Spoiler Actuation Landing Gear Pressure Oleo Pressure 8 Temperature PROPULSION/ENGINE Differential Oil...

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Aircraft Pressure Transducers - 4

Aircraft Pressure Transducers Military Applications Lift Fan Pressure Pressure/Temperature Temperature Engine Mount Dual Pressure, Dual Temperature Quadruple Pressure Fuel Dual Delta Pressure Oil Dual Delta Pressure Triple Differential Pressure, Dual Absolute Pressure Photography Courtesy Lockheed Uartm

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Aircraft Pressure Transducers - 5

Flexible - Responsive - Reliable Special Products Kulite engineering is quick to respond to “Special Needs" of adapting silicon technology and custom electronics packaging to meet increasing needs for higher reliability and better performance. The following are only a few examples that illustrate the versatility of the Kulite Product for Pressure - Load or Mass measurements in an aircraft environment. Our custom engineered product has led to Kulite's position as the Industry Leader. Oxygen / Nitrogen Quantity Measurement Synchro Replacement Variable Reluctance Replacement Tension /...

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