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www.dynamic-art.it | ph: Martin Ordeñana Since 2002 Konner develops state of the art aeronautical products, making the most of 25 years of expertise and passion to reach extraordinary performances and total reliability even in extreme conditions. Ten years of research and dedication led to the development of K1, synthesizing technology and freedom of movement in an helicopter that stands out for performances, lightness and reliability. Afterwards K2 has been developed mer- ging generous dimensions, great comfort and a polished design to the exceptional technical features of the TK:250 turbine. All our projects are conceived with great attention to the details and can be according to the best tradition of the Italian taylor made philosophy. K2 HELICOPTER KONNER Srl Via Fratelli Solari, 18 | 33020 Amaro (UD) Italy Phone +39 0433 468234 | Fax +39 0433 94307 info@konnerturbine.com www.konnerhelicopters.com COORDINATES 46° 22’ 12.05”,N 13° 4’ 50

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SPECIFICATIONS & DIMENSIONS FLYING MADE EASY TK-250 TURBOSHAFT The Engine is equipped with the last generation electronic systems that automatically control the engine functionality for the pilot’s peace of mind: FLYING K2 IS EXTREMELY SIMPLE: AUTOMATIC STARTING Just move the dash board selector from OFF to IDLE and the FADEC will start up the engine automatically, in total safety for the machine and the crew, keeping the engine parameters within the safety limits and stabilizing the speed at the IDLE set-point of 80%. The sequence is completely controlled by FADEC. Engine Type: Konner...

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