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Selection Tables Reali-Slim Bearings Catalog 300 Kaydon Bearings Only from Kaydon: Reali-Slim TT Series Small-scale, Thin Section Turntable Bearings To save weight, reduce product envelope sizes and increase design flexibility — without compromising bearing performance and life — customers told us they’d welcome a more compact turntable bearing design. We responded by designing the first small-scale, thin section turntable bearings, for such demanding applications as robotics, radar antennae, and factory positioning and inspection tables… the Reali-Slim TT Series. The advantages of this series vs. conventional turntable bearings include: needs — many drive options, gearing/timing belt, mounting hole types; and Designed to withstand harsh operating environments — AISI-440C steel races, steel reinforced seals. Figure 2-10 Significantly smaller size for greater design versatility and reduced weight; Greater accuracy — extended radial bearing section increases rigidity, with optional preload or clearances to meet application torque or deflection requirements; Easier to use — fast installation and changeout; Custom configurations to meet your application’s specific Steel Reinforced Seals Geared Race The configurations and specifications you need for more compact, more precise turntable designs Example of part number breakdown T 01 T = -point contact radial 4 Gearing ball bearing E = External Gear 01 = Ball size in (1/8) inch N = Internal Gear 00225 = Ball pitch diameter in P = Plain - no gear Inner Hole A = nner Hole Style of I through holes B = Tapped mounting holes C = Countersunk mounting holes Outer Hole A = uter Hole Style of O through holes B = apped mounting holes T C = ountersunk mounting holes C Holes sized for #4-40 screws, tapped, countersunk, or through gears set at full depth involute, 64 DP., 20° pressure angle Four-Point Contact Bearing (Reali-Slim TT Series) Bearings are most often designed to handle either radial or axial load conditions. But the Reali-Slim TT Series four-point contact bearings have a unique inner and outer race geometry that enables a single bearing to carry three types of loading (radial, axial and moment) simultaneously. This makes it the bearing of choice for many applications since a single four-point contact bearing can often replace two bearings, providing a simplified design. Reali-Slim TT Series bearings may also be furnished with an internal diametral preload for those applications requiring greater stiffness or zero free play. This is accomplished by using balls that are larger than the space provided in the raceways. The balls and raceways, therefore, have some elastic deformation in the absence of an external load. Figure 2-11

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Kaydon Bearings Reali-Slim Bearings Catalog 300 Reali-Slim TT Series Turntable Bearings (continued) Selection Tables Four-Point Contact Bearing (Reali-Slim TT Series) Dynamic Radial (lbs.) Basic Part Number Note: Reali-Slim TT Series turntable bearings are custom designed to meet your application’s needs. Contact Kaydon for lead time. Non-geared Bearings – All dimensions in inches Part Number with Through Holes Inner Land Outer Land Inner Bolt Circle Outer Bolt Circle Externally Geared Bearings – All dimensions in inches Part Number with Through Holes Inner Bolt Number of Outer Bolt Number...

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Reali-Slim Bearings Catalog 300 Kaydon Bearings Selection Tables Reali-Slim TT Series Turntable Bearings (continued) Internally Geared Bearings – All dimensions in inches Part Number with Through Holes Inner Bolt Number of Outer Bolt Number of Gear Pitch Number of Circle holes Circle holes Dia. teeth 1.813 2.313 2.813 3.313 3.813 4.063 4.313 4.563 4.813 5.313 5.813 6.313 The design features and options you asked for Custom Reali-Slim TT Series thin section bearings have a proven, four-point contact ball radial design, featuring a single row of balls with a unique gothic arch raceway and...

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