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KASTOvariospeed: Fully Automatic Production Circular Saw.

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KASTOvariospeed C15. The automatic adaptation to constantly changing requirements is our standard. The fully automatic production circular saw is designed for high performance requirements at low to medium order lot sizes. Independently from material quality, form or dimension, the KASTOvariospeed C 15 processes rapidly changing orders fully automatically with minimum manpower. Carbide-tipped or HSS circular saw blades can be used optionally. The saw control EasyControl with clear and high ease of use offers the opportunity to enter up to 500 material data for Carbide and HSS cutting tools,...

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Saw head with heavy duty carbide support guide. KASTO control EasyControl. KASTO control TechnoControl (optional). Material feed - and sorting gripper vice. Cut-off sorting table. The specialist for fast order processing: Cut-off sorting area (containers – optional equipment). • The basis for high cutting performances and long blade life of saw blades are the heavy machine base and high quality components. • Frequency-controlled 18 kW three-phase motor with reliable high-performance spur-gear system. • Pre-tensioned ball screw spindle for minimal ancillary time, automatic adaptation of feed...

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Material supply. For every requirement the perfect material supply. The material supply of round material is carried out by an inclined magazine which ensures a minimal manpower operation. An automatic universal magazine offers a versatile material provision with different work piece dimensions, forms and qualities. Further possibilities of manless material supply are a direct integration in a KASTOcenter (combination of saw and storage system) or by means of KASTOsawcell (combination of cassette storage system with separation out of cassette and transportation of individual bars to the...

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Low noise depositing of heavy cut-off pieces … … with the KASTO cross sorting (optional equipment). Sorting-off of long cut-off pieces outside the machine. Sorting-off of long cut-off pieces within the machine. Cut-off sorting possibilities. For every cut piece the right location. Particularly space-saving is the sorting-off of cut-off pieces within the sawing machine. The length of the sorting range is 2.000 mm in material-flow direction on both sides. All cut-off pieces up to 2.000 mm are automatically sorted to one or more positions depending on the length. Trim cuts and remnants are...

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Cutting, marking, deburring and stacking. KASTOsort for automatic container logistic. KASTOsort offers the possibility to palletize the complete variety of cut-off pieces without additional operating efforts. No matter if it’s a disc, flat material or round bar, the system intelligently responds to each new cut-off dimension. The stacking image of the cut-off pieces in the containers is generated completely independently for each dimension by means of special program logic and optimized in regard to the filling grade in the containers. Each part which can be cut at the machine can be stacked...

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Technical Data Minimum remnant length    mm    40 Saw blade diameter (Steel/Non-ferrous)    mm    360 - 460 Weight without infeed    device    kg    3.900 Performance characteristics Total connected load, basic machine    kW    28 Saw motor, frequency-controlled with overload protection    kW    18,5 Cutting speed, infinitely variable    m/min    8 - 150 Saw feed, infinitely variable    mm/min    16 - 1.000 Qualified Advice, Reliable Service: Success Factors for a Long-Term, Efficient Installation. Competent advice is available at the beginning to assure a suc-does not end with the...

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Expertise right down the line. The Complete KASTO Program: Economic Sawing and Storing of Metal. For over 160 years, KASTO has been recognized for quality and innovation, and offers a complete range of metal cutting saws, as well as storage and retrieval systems. Thanks to an ongoing development of new technologies and constant optimization process of machine concepts, KASTO has achieved the status of market leader in sawing and storing of metal:-'. KASTO's Sawing Machines. From the basic hacksaw to the high-performance automatic bandsaw capable of economically processing bar stock, blocks...

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