Tianyi Scissor high loader 14mt


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1. Big charge capacity of motive battery140kwh biggest charge capacity of domestic certificate products 2. light weight of whole mass23350 kg lightest weight in domestic certificate products 3. strongest capacity of driving Endurance, high usage efficiency of energy25km + load 1750/unload 1750 strongest in domestic certificate products 4. small turning radiusChannel outer circle diameter 23000mm, smallest turning radius in domestic certificate products 5. hydraulic and electric piece of world famous brand good reliance Email:joinsun@jstianyi.com.cn / Airport.GSE@jstianyi.com.cn Web:www.tianyi-gse.com Add: No. 1218 Huateng Road, Qingpu Distnghang Road, Jianhu City, Jiangsu Province, China 24 »

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