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WATER SERVICE TRUCK(DIESEL) JSTY5050GQS Water Service Truck The product chassis cab for flat head, single row seat, two doors, 2 passengers ; The driving type is 4×2, the volume of the clear water tank is 3m³, and the water supply flow is more than 150L/min The truck also has optional automatic Gearbox A380、A300、A310、A318、A319、A320、A330、A340、B707、B727、B737、B747、B757、B767、B777、 C919 、 DC8、1L—18、1L—62、MD11、MD80 Engine model : Engine emission: National Ⅴ Emissions Technical Specifications: Tank volume (L) : 3000 Water supply flow (L/min) : ≥150 Water supply pressure (MPa) : 0.345 Curb weight kg: 3100 Overall dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 6355x1900x2150 Channel circle diameter (mm) : 15500 Additional Options : Available upon request Email:joinsun@jstianyi.com.cn / Airport.GSE@jstianyi.com.cn Web:www.tianyi-gse.com Add: No. 1218 Huateng Road, Qingpu D

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