Tianyi Self-propelled lavatory truck JSTY5070GWS


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LAVATORY SERVICE TRUCK(DIESEL) JSTY5070GWS Lavatory service truck The product chassis cab for flat head, single row seat, two door type, 2 passengers; The driving type is 4×2, the volume of clean water tank is 1.4m³, the volume of sewage tank is 2.6m³, the volume of empty tank is 0.24m³ (optional), and the water supply flow is 150L/min. Suction sewage flow rate is 600L/min. The truck also has optional automatic Gearbox A380、A300、A310、A318、A319、A320、B707、B727、B737、B747、B757、B767、B777、 C919 、 DC8、 1L—18、1L—62、MD11、MD80 Technical Specifications: Engine model : Engine emission: National Ⅳ Emissions National Ⅴ Emissions Working platform lifting height (mm): 385~3760 / 400~3000 Water tank volume (L) : 1400 Sewage tank volume (L) : 2360 (with vacuum pump) /2600 (without vacuum pump) Water supply flow (L/min) : ≥150 Water supply pressure (MPa) : 0.345 Curb weight kg: 4060 / 5200 / 4950 Overall dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 7190×2100×2260 / 7295×2100×2380 7315x2190x2360 Channel circle diameter (mm) : 17000 / 16000 / 15500 Additional Options : Available upon request Email:joinsun@jstianyi.com.cn / Airport.GSE@jstianyi.com.cn Web:www.tianyi-gse.com Add: No. 1218 Huateng Ro

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LAVATORY SERVICE TRUCK(DIESEL) Chassis The chassis is modified by Qingling Class II chassis, the rear end of the girder working platform frame, the left side of the platform frame is the ladder, and the right side of the platform frame is the cleaning pipe conveying device. The right side of the girder is equipped with water pump, water inlet pipe, hydraulic pump and hydraulic accessories, and the left side of the girder diesel tank and hydraulic oil tank Water tank assembly The water tank is made of 4mm 304 stainless steel plate, and the box is composed of three completely isolated water...

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