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PASSENGER STAIRS(ELECTRIC) JSTY5070KTE Passenger Stairs(Electric) mainly composed of Isuzu QL1070BEVECHA2Y electric second class chassis modification assembly, fixed ladder and sliding ladder, tail ladder, hydraulic system, electrical system, canopy etc. ARJ21, ERJ190, C919 、 B737CL, 737NG, 737MAX, A320 series, A320NEO, etc Driving motor model: Travel motor controller model: KTZ50X35S Energy storage device model: L173TB2 Chassis models: Technical Specifications: Passenger elevator working height (mm): 2200~5800 / 2150~4800 Curb weight (kg):7600 / 7550 / 7350 Overall dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 7800×2340×3600 / 7450×2500×3600 7890×2430×3500 Number of steps:28 / 23 Maximum tilt Angle of ladder body (°) : 37 / 37.5 Additional Options : Available upon request Email:joinsun@jstianyi.com.cn / Airport.GSE@jstianyi.com.cn Web:www.tianyi-gse.com Add: No. 1218 Huateng Road, Qingpu Distnghang Road, Jianhu Ci

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PASSENGER STAIRS(ELECTRIC) Stair steps, handrails Both sides of the ladder are equipped with a side board composed of aluminum-plastic panels, the side string board is equipped with a ladder lighting, the upper side is equipped with stainless steel handrails, and the pedal is made of aluminum Middle pillar of passenger stair The bottom shaft of the middle column is hinged with the chassis skeleton, and the two pull rods and the slide cylinder at the side and back are hinged with the chassis skeleton Drive motor controller The main control drive motor, steering, loading and fetching, DC/DC...

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PASSENGER STAIRS(ELECTRIC) © TIANYI CORP. Technical requirements: 1. Deburring flying edges, sharp angles are blunt 2. No welding defects, solid weld, polishing after welding 3. Fastener connection fastening, no free loosening and other phenomena 4. The rotating parts rotate flexibly, without clamping and other phenomena 5. After assembly, inject calcium-based No.2 grease where necessary Email:joinsun@jstianyi.com.cn /Airport.GSE@jstianyi.com.cn Web:www.tianyi-gse.com Add: No. 1218 Huateng Road, Qingpu Distnghang Road, Jianhu City, Jiangsu Province, China 07 >>

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