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AIRCRAFT CATERING TRUCK (ELECTRIC) JSTY5100JSPE Aircraft Catering Truck (Electric) mainly composed of QL1101BEVEMMAY type electric chassis, scissor type hydraulic lifting mechanism, lifting front platform, carriage, front and rear sliding doors, retractable stabilizing foot assembly and refrigerating unit produced by Isuzu Qingling Automobile Co., LTD. ARJ21、A300、A310、A318、A319、A320、A330、A340、B707、B727、B737、B747、B757、B767、B777、 C919 、 DC8、1L—18、1L—62、MD11、MD80 Driving motor model: Technical Specifications: Working height of platform(mm): 2150~6000 / 2120~5820 Travel motor controller model: Curb weight (kg):10600 KTZ54X38S-LKC1201 / KTZ54X35S-LKC0851 Overall dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 9450×2300×3400 / 9940×2300×3700 Driving Energy storage device model: range(km): 285 / 170 Total energy stored(kWh): 162.28 / 106.96 L150TX8 / L173TB2 Cabin load rating (kg): 3800 / 3500 Rated load of front platform (kg): 2200 Chassis models: Front platform movable load rating (kg): 600 QL1103BEVEYMAY / QL1101BEVEMMAY Additional Options : Available upon request Email:joinsun@jstianyi.com.cn / Airport.GSE@jstianyi.com.cn Web:www.tianyi-gse.com Add: No.

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AIRCRAFT CATERING TRUCK (ELECTRIC) Driver's cab The cab is three, flat head, high strength, reversible, seat reinstallation leather chair cover, environmental protection floor glue, ashtray, left and right sundry cabinet, etc Hydraulic system The hydraulic pipeline adopts the bidirectional hydraulic lock of Parker in the United States and Cato in Italy) the hydraulic system is equipped with an oil outlet and a return oil filter. Emergency operating system The electric emergency pump can complete the recovery of the mobile platform and the telescopic platform, the lifting of the car body,...

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