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AIRCRAFT CATERING TRUCK (ELECTRIC) (UPGRADE) JSTY5180JSPE Aircraft Catering Truck (Electric) mainly Self -made chassis type modified electric chassis, support feet and scissors type hydraulic lifting mechanism, car body, lifting front platform, hydraulic system, electrical system etc A300、A310、A318、A319、A320、A330、A340、B707、B727、B737、B747、B757、B767、B777、 C919 、 DC8、1L—18、1L—62、MD11、MD80 Driving motor model: Travel motor controller model: GC-CU1300-01 Energy storage device model: L228H01 / L228H02 Technical Specifications: Working height of platform(mm): 2550~6100 / 2670~6200 Curb weight (kg):13790 Overall dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 10500×2500×3700 10355/10055×2500×3700 Driving range(km):440 / 390 Compartment rated load (kg): 6000 Rated load of front platform (kg): 2500 Front platform movable part load rating (kg): 700 Total energy stored(kWh):281.92 / 246.67 Additional Options : Available upon request / Add: No. 1218 HuatengRoad, QingpuDis

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TIANYI CORP. AIRCRAFT CATERING TRUCK (ELECTRIC) (UPGRADE) ^i^T^T^T^Tlnside side panel Box body bottom plate aluminum plate a weld, the surface without rivet joints, higher strength, more beautiful T^T^T^T^TBody control box Main components: compartment lighting, control panel lighting, linkage switch, platform left moving switch, platform right moving switch, etc Cylinder scissor lift structure Two primary oil cylinder shear fork lift type structure, cylinder seals for imported seals, telescopic part of the outer wall surface chromium plating, rust resistant Driving device The mobile small...

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