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Expediter Towbarless Tractors The Grip of Technology

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The Grip of Technology JBT AeroTech’s family of towbarless tractors are designed to lift and move our customer’s aircraft safely and efficiently on each and every operation, at airports throughout the world. Model types in the Expediter family are fully capable to handle a wide range of commercial aircraft from narrow-bodies up to the A380, in all types of ramp and weather conditions. The Grip of Technology is evident in the patented, fail-safe pick-up system that opens and closes without moving the aircraft, automatically adjusts oversteer limits and tractive and braking forces. JBT...

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Expedite - definition: To execute quickly and efficiently; to speed up the progress of; accelerate. Which is why our range of Expediters are ready to expedite your push-back and maintenance tows. The Expediter patented integrated yaw stabilized braking system designed to prevent the tractor from losing control (jack knifing) during high speed towing operations makes loss of directional control less likely to happen and easier to correct. Automatic aircraft recognition with our patented, fail-safe easy pick-up system, allows docking without moving the aircraft.

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The simple design of the Expediter pick up module with only (4) cylinders is robust, secure and requires low maintenance. Operator error is minimized with automatic settings for aircraft selection, maximum tractive effort, maximum brake force and the oversteer alert device. Aircraft pick-up system provides detailed operator instructions on the Expediter’s PLC screen. JBT AeroTech Expediter Towing Range Expediter 160 Notes: Capability chart applies to dry and wet concrete or asphalt, towing conditions based on 4% breakaway and 2% slope, capability based on range of available ballast weights....

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