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Passenger Boarding Steps The Standard of Durability

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JBT AeroTech's family of mobile passenger boarding steps are designed to enplane and deplane airline passengers safely and efficiently at airports around the world. Four model types, Eurostep, UDS-2, SmartStep-2 and NBS-2 are fully capable of handling a wide range of commercial aircraft ranging from the Embraer 1 70 to the main deck of the A380. The Standard of Durability is evident in the heavy-duty, purpose built chassis with weight concentrated at the center of the unit which provides a secure platform for aircraft passenger boarding operations. JBT AeroTech passenger boarding steps...

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JBT Passenger Steps - 3

Open or closed canopy options are available. The robust heavy-duty custom chassis and 4 stabilizers offers a very stable platform. A wide range of aircraft can be served with just one model. Eurostep and UDS-2 models offer a choice of diesel or all electric power.

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JBT Passenger Boarding Steps Specifications Operating Height Maximum Minimum Access Platform Width Length Stairs Width Depth Height Load Capacity Access Platform Per Step Electric Emergency Pump Chassis All JBT AeroTech Passenger Steps Include: JBT AeroTech Custom-built Chassis Stabilizers - Four, Hydraulically Actuated Engine - Deutz D 2011 L04i Diesel, 47.5 kW (64 hp) Com 3 Transmission - Hydrostatic Drive with Dynamic Braking 24 Volt DC Operator Cab Enclosed Cab with Wipers, Mirrors and Interior Lights Open Cab with Wipers, Mirrors and Interior Lights Canopy Open Sided or...

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