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Commander 60i Loader - 1

The Commander 60i heavy weight cargo loader carries on with the Value of Reliability tradition with a lift capacity of 30,000 kg (66,000 lb) and a bridge capacity of 15,000 kg (33,000 lb) providing main and lower deck container loading on a wide variety of passenger and freighter aircraft. The Commander 60i offers the LIFTsmart™ rear platfrom which ensures smooth lifting and stability with heavy loads. JBT AeroTech's Commander 60i delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership with design focused on safety, ease of operation, maintenance, reliability, and durability. Features including HeliRoll® convey system, automatic platform positioning system, swing out power module and Onboard Diagnostic System (ODS) provide safe and efficient operations, lower maintenance costs per hour of operation and greater uptime.

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Commander 60i Loader - 2

© - B767 Standard and 125” wide door Lift Capacity Rear Platform (Maximum) Bridge (Maximum) Bridge Transfer (20 ft pallet) Controls and Instruments Lighted Instrumentation Panels Keyless Ignition Switch Emergency Stops Engine Trouble Lights Engine Hourmeter and Fuel Gauge Horn Bridge Pallet Bridge with Pallet Side Shift Automatic Drive Speed Limit with Bridge Raised Powered Folding Wings with Powered Front Roller HeliRoll® Convey System Removable Aluminum Deck Plates Folding Handrail - LHS Powered Side Guides Full Width Aircraft Protection Bumpers on Front Edge Bridge Tilt Rear...

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Commander 60i Loader - 3

Commander 60i Options Requirement Packages CE Requirement Package Operator Station Automatic Cab Retract - Drive Mode Corner Bumper - Heavy Duty or Soft White Vinyl Console Cover Toggle Switch Boot Light Spring OEM Joysticks Variety of Rear View Mirrors - RHS, LHS Bridge Automatic Aircraft Height Following Spring Assist and Latch for Folding Handrail Hydraulically Extendable Handrail Lagged Forward Rollers Underside Protection Forward Stop Rear Platform Coupler Roller Shaft Protection Lagged Rollers - Rear, RHS, LHS Roller Protection - Rear and Side Transfer Long Load Truck Bed Transfer -...

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Commander 60i Loader - 4

Features of the Commander 60i Heavyweight of the Commander Family The Commander 60i is designed and built with the reliability and durability of the MDL-60 along with the operational and maintenance features found in the rest of the Commander family. A longer rear platform has enough space for three 96 x 128 ULD's providing faster and more efficient loading and unloading. The heaviest loads are conveyed efficiently in all directions on a single plane with no dead spots as the HeliRoll® system covers the complete platform. The 15,000 kg (33,000 lb) capacity bridge can accommodate 30,000 kg...

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