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CATALOG GSE Services & Kits - 2018


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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 1

JBT Customer Care Service and Kit Catalog Below the wing...above the crowd Ground Support Equipment Spring 2018

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 2

We are glad you’ve chosen JBT as the premier supplier for your Ground Support Equipment needs! Here, you will find a variety of post-production solutions, ranging from basic maintenance and upgrade kits to complete machine conversions and refurbishment. We have sorted these by product type, noting compatibility constraints on most items. At JBT, we have the engineering support to customize almost any item you will see to your specific equipment configuration. Pricing and availability can be quoted by calling the JBT parts hotline you see at the bottom of our catalog. Our Customer...

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 3

Ranger and Commander Cargo Loaders 4 Maintenance and Service Kits 5-8 Maintenance and Service Kits 24-25 JBT Direct Online Ordering 39 Parts and Service Contact Information 41 -42

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 4

Ranger and Commander Cargo Loaders Maintenance and Service Kits (5-8) These kits are designed to get your loader back up and running quickly, and to keep it operating efficiently for the extent of its life. Upgrades and New Options (9-17) At JBT we relentlessly seek ways to improve the performance and functionality of products. In this section you will find an array of options and upgrades to improve the efficiency, safety, and ease of use of your loader. Conversions (18-21) Aircraft specifications and loading requirements are constantly changing. Many times GSE managers must decide the...

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 5

Loader Maintenance Kits Recommended Spare Parts List Includes the most frequently worn parts for universal configurations. The parts are recommended for on site parts stocking requirements. Models: C15i/C30i Call for details Filter Kits These comprehensive kits conveniently provide all the necessary filters based on installed engine and hydraulic assembly. Available for every engine configuration. Engine Configuration C-15i DEUTZ TIER 3 TCD2012 2007 C-15i DEUTZ TIER 2 04-06 C-15i DEUTZ TIER 2 03-04 C-15 DEUTZ B4FM2012 C-15 DEUTZ B4FM2012 C-30i DEUTZ TIER 2 B4FM2012 C-30i DEUTZ TCD2012 - 1ST...

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 6

Center Lift Module Service Kit Includes all required service parts to rebuild your Commander center lift module. Rebuilt Center Lift Module Complete module rebuilt by JBT manufacturing to original OEM specifications. Includes 2 year warranty. Core rebate available. P/N: 624-9138RB Models: C15/C15i Roller Chain Kits Each kit contains all pre-cut chain lengths, connecting links, and offset links necessary to replace all convey chains on your platform or bridge. Our standard chain is best in class, and noted for its long life and low stretch.

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 7

Roller Chain Kits... For the Bridge Model Bogy Wheel carrier assembly (complete) Reduce downtime when replacing a bogy wheel. P/N: 620-6429-001 P/N: 624-9143

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 8

Rear Stabilizer Cylinder Replacement Cylinders and hardware needed to replace rear stabilizers. P/N: 622-7549 Models: C15 Split HeliRoll® Cluster Quickly replace worn or damaged clusters without having to disconnect convey chains or shaft assembly. P/N: 624-4312-001 Right hand 624-4312-002 Left hand Models: All Commander Loaders Central Control Manifold Conversion When the time comes to replace your central hydraulic control manifold, update your unit to our latest and most cost-effective design. C15i: 629-4700

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 9

Loader Upgrade Kits Platform Convey System Filter Designed to capture particles released into the hydraulic system in the event of a platform convey motor breakdown, an inexpensive insurance policy to prevent sub sequential motor failures within the system. P/N: 629-4721 Model: C15i with Danfoss manifold Bridge Raise Protection As solenoid valves age and wear due to becoming contaminated by dirty oil, they may allow undesired hydraulic flow. This kit adds an additional safety measure to protect your employees and aircraft from inadvertent bridge movement. P/N: Varies based on model. Call...

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 10

Mico Brakes Upgrade your Commander loader with the toughest brakes on the market, because not stopping on the ramp is not an option. Mico Brake Repair Kit Service kit for loaders previously equipped with Mico Brake assemblies. Includes new pads and hardware. P/N: 624-3036-001 Models: Commander Loaders equipped with Mico brakes Operator Lighting Upgrades Make your loader easier to see and operate on the ramp with these HID and LED upgrades. Includes required hardware and wiring. Extend your light’s estimated life to 10 years. HID Operator Lighting P/N: 627-3000-323 Models: Platform,...

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 11

Tail Lights P/N: 628-5728 Models: All Loaders Platform Work Lights P/N: 628-5731 Models: C15/C15i (Narrow) Aircraft Position Light P/N: 628-5733 Models: All loaders Operator Cab Beacon P/N: 628-5729 Models: All Loaders Platform Work Lights P/N: 628-5731-001 Models: All loaders (Wide) Cab Work Light P/N: 628-5734 Models: All loaders Counterbalanced Latching Handrail Quickly lower the handrail on your loader while approaching an aircraft. Foot operated latching mechanism, kick rail extension, and sliding lock on lower tube. Designed to require only 5lbs of force to operate. Main...

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 12

Kits designed to upgrade your unit to service 777 aircrafts. Models available with and without power wings. Special handrail available. Hydraulic Heat Exchanger Additional hydraulic cooler to eliminate over temperature shut down in high ambient operating environments. P/N: 624-9150 P/N: 625-4036 Universal Over Travel Kit Updated electrical switch and cover. Prevents debris from tripping the over travel switch during normal operations. P/N: 624-4140 Models: Commander 15 Manual Emergency Hand Pump Enables loader to be moved during a critical power failure. P/N: 628-9906 P/N: 625-9173...

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CATALOG  GSE Services & Kits - 2018 - 13

Decal Replacements Updates your Commander loader with the most current JBT pictogram style decals for easy recognition in any language to increase safety awareness while operating. Replacement decals for electric, hydraulic, and special options are available as well. Call Service Parts for details. Power Roller Kit Eliminate man power needed to maneuver crates on the wing bridges with this handy upgrade, and improve safety by removing the free-spinning roller. Compatible with C15i loaders with wing bridges (CR15i04014—Present). P/N: 625-7760 C15i w/ wing bridges (CR15i04014 to current...

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