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Tempest Aircraft Deicer The Model of Efficiency

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The Model of Efficiency The Tempest deicer is the most versatile and widely used aircraft deicer on the market today. With full winterization options it deals with the harshest climates from Alaska to Siberia. Equipped with an enclosed basket it provides around the clock service on deicing pads in the world’s busiest airports. The Model of Efficiency is evident as specialized deicing service providers have built their business model around the Tempest’s glycol saving features, while ground handlers use fleets of Tempest’s for their cost effective operation and long term reliability....

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Turning Radius .. Aerial Device (Articulated Boom) ©2014 John Bean Technologies Corporation. Details listed subject to change without notice. Models shown may include options 0814 UK China Arnold Hawker House No 298 Shansong Road Central Way Yushan Town Feltham Kunshan City Middlesex Jiangsu Province, China

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