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Modulating Control Aerospace Controls Key Features • Reliable Compact Low Profile Design • Based on Proven Low Profile Actuator Designs with Qualification Pedigree • Constructed of Lightweight Machined Aluminum • Constant Position Feedback Control • Industry Standard D38999 Electrical Connector Product Overview ITT Aerospace Controls’ Modulating Control Actuator (MCA) is the next step in actuation from the leader in Aerospace Actuation. The MCA allows position control to any position from zero to ninety degrees. Using a non-back drivable gear system, the MCA efficiently moves loads up to 35 inch pounds (4.0 Nm) of torque and completes full travel from zero to ninety degrees in under ten seconds. The MCA can be configured to control system flow or mechanical position with a milliamp current loop or analog voltage input. The MCA provides analog voltage feedback between one and nine DC volts to positively identify the location of the actuator output shaft to +/- 1 degree. ITT’s MCA meets RTCA-DO160 requirements and operates with temperatures from -65°F to 165°F (-55°C to 74°C). Weighing less than 1.5 lbs (.68kg), the MCA is the ideal choice to drive or control valve sizes from half inch to three-inch line sizes. ITT Aerospace Controls | 28150 Industry Drive | Valencia, CA 91355, USA Phone: 661-295-4000 | Fax: 661-294-1750 Email: | Web: www.i

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Design Actuator Type Mounting Interface Electrical Connector Supply Voltage Supply Current Environmentally Sealed Control Position Control Feedback Signal Shaft Rotation Speed Rated Torque Ambient Temperature Weight Bonding Resistance Duty Cycle Product Dimensions Brushless DC, Control Actuator V-Band Mount D38999/21YC8PN 28 VDC 0.4 Amp Maximum 0.1 Amp Maximum Quiescent 14 psig (1.0 bar) 4 to 20 Amp Proportional to Valve Position (4mA - Fully Open, 20mA Fully Closed) Greater than 20 mA (Fully Closed) 1-9 VDC Proportional to Valve Position (1 VDC - Open, 9 VDC Closed) 90 degrees 12 degrees...

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