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ROTORCRAFT COMPONENTS At ITT we have an extensive list of equipment and testing services that offer us the flexibility to meet demanding application requirements for various rotorcraft designs. From custom elastomers to rate control and energy absorption devices we specialize in bringing the highest quality engineered components to market on time and under budget. We partner with you to solve your most demanding rotorcraft application requirements. High Capacity Laminated (HCL) Bearings ITT Enidine’s high-capacity laminated elastomeric bearings are needed in transmissions and rotor systems....

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Interior and Equipment Isolators ITT Enidine has designed an advanced interior panel isolator that is a drop-in replacement of standard interior panel isolators.  Support equipment and interior panels from the aircraft frame/skins  Dynamic isolation in all degrees of freedom extending the lifespan of isolated equipment  Provide structureborne noise attenuation such that the cabin noise objectives are reached  Integrated washer with large mounting face and a taller stem to eliminate misalignment during installation  Fail-safe torque resistance Strut Integrated Isolator ITT Enidine has...

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FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES Engineering Capabilities ITT Enidine uses NEi Nastran software with Femap for dynamic non-linear, 6-DOF system analyses in conjunction with FEA analyses on complex 3D parts, assemblies and systems. In addition, we have developed proprietary closed form analytical programs to predict the non-linear performance of our products. ITT Enidine developed system equations in MatLab® and Mathcad® to simulate non-linear performance and predictive analysis. Matlab jfV Manufacturing Capabilities ITT Enidine has an in-house molding facility for rapid prototype development and...

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