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Aircraft Noise Silencers APU Inlet and Exhaust Silencers, ECS Silencers Aircraft Noise Silencers: for APU, ECS and Main Engines ITT has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of noise reduction products for over 40 years. We specialize in products that attenuate noise of Auxiliary Power Units (APU), Environmental Control Systems (ECS) and main engines. Contact us today to find out how we can solve your noise issues. Products • APU Inlet silencers • APU Inlet plenums • APU Exhaust systems and liners • ECS trim air silencers • ECS main ducting, feeder and riser silencers • ECS flexible mufflers • Engine inlet, bypass and exhaust noise suppression Design Capabilities • Acoustic analysis and custom designs • Rigid and flexible ECS silencers • Low and high temperature solutions • Proprietary acoustic treatment materials • In-house FEA acoustic analysis software • Noise attenuation techniques: - ¼ wavelength cavity - Folded cavity - Impedance matching - Helmholtz resonator chamber Design Features • Low cost • Low weight • High reliability • Specific frequency range and broadband solutions ITT Aerospace Controls | 28150 Industry Drive | Valencia, CA 91355, USA Phone: 661-295-4000 | Fax: 661-294-1750 Email: | Web:

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Environmental Control System Solutions Attenuation Materials • Acousti-Flo® materials AF2.2, AF2.3, AF2.4, AF3.1, AF3.2, AF3.10 • Feltmetal • Poroplate • Perforated sheet metals • Kevlar felts • Absorptive foams Structure Materials • Metals - Inconel and super alloys - Corrosion resistant steels - Aluminum • Resign systems - BMI, Phenolic, Epoxy • Carrier materials - Fiberglass, Carbon, GraphitePolyester AS9100 and ISO 9001 Certified EASA Approved FAA Approved Repair Station Nadcap Welding Approved ITT Aerospace Controls | 28150 Industry Drive | Valencia, CA 91355, USA Phone: 661-295-4000 |...

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