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The Ipeco range of electrical galley inserts combines superior technological innovation and robust performance with easy-to-use features, improving food service and safety for airlines and operators worldwide. Lightweight and reliable, our aim is to ensure that cabin crew have equipment they trust to deliver perfect results. Power efficiency combined with precision settings ensures in-flight delivery service excellence on every flight. Cooktops Microwaves Refrigerator Freezer Chillers Convection and Steam Ovens Water Heaters Beverage Makers

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a significant share of the executive jet passenger seat market a world leader in the global crew seat market award-winning innovation a growing share of the galley inserts market our pedigree Founded in 1960, Ipeco Holdings Limited is now in its third generation of family ownership. During this time the Company has continued to develop valuable long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Underlying this is a determination by Ipeco to invest, train, and coach its employees to cultivate a high level of opportunity, integrity and performance throughout the business. These principles,...

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a smart galley solution from Ipeco With a variety of applications including pan, toaster and rice cooker - the Ipeco Induction Cooking Platform (ICP) is the perfect tool for fresh cuisine on-board. The ICP allows for fast and simple in-flight cooking, enabling crew to prepare and serve outstanding dishes of the highest quality. The ICP is a safe appliance. The smart pot containment system covers and holds each application in place during preparation and cooking, which allows for one-handed operation even during turbulence. The ICP also includes an integrated fume hood and odour filter...

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microwave magic faster turn around . . . Faster defrosting and heating of foods and beverages is essential for streamlined in-flight service especially for first and premium class passengers. The Ipeco 932 ARINC Microwave offers an improved cooking experience over and above its popular predecessor with significant enhancements in performance and reliability based on in-service experience. Designed to provide a first class service in a relatively compact ARINC size 4 space in the galley, the 932 is based on a modular design for ease of maintenance and is able to provide regular and frequent...

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Refrigerator Freezer Chiller 921/928 Refrigerator Freezer Chiller 921/928 with optional glass door temperature control precision chilled or frozen Our new 3-mode ARINC size 2 refrigerator 921 and 928 delivers a new benchmark in aircraft chiller technology. With its improved chiller performance, reduction in weight and low noise and heat dissipation, the refrigerator enables an airline to offer a premium catering service without a high cost of ownership. This refrigerator is the first in its class to utilise both forced air and conduction cooling so that performance is delivered in all...

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temperature control precision Ipeco’s new ARINC size 2 convection and steam ovens, incorporate proprietary technologies to improve efficiency and reliability. Ground-breaking element design optimises temperature exchange within the unit whilst innovative insulation materials trap the heat for optimal cooking and safety. The ovens are made from materials specifically selected to increase both the structural integrity and thermal insulation, providing strength to the unit and safety to the user. This ensures the oven will maintain its performance throughout the lifetime of the unit. gently...

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water heaters Water Heater 906/909/3002 ATLAS standard We can provide both rail mounted and fixed position water heaters which are simple and easy to operate, with a robust structure utilising reliable low-maintenance components. To further improve component life and reduce the risk of overheating, our 906 units have an auto-fill sensor feature which prevents the start of the heating process until the incoming water has reached the correct level. The water heater is designed for operation on a 115 V, 360-800Hz, 3-phase electrical supply. Essentials These water heaters are designed to...

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beverage makers designed and manufactured to last Ipeco’s innovative ARINC 1 size beverage maker delivers hot beverages on demand via independent routes for coffee and hot water to ensure an excellent taste experience. Beverage Maker 943 ARINC standard The unit incorporates a unique flow-through heating technology which allows water to move through the system at the same time as it is being heated with no initial heating or recovery time, delivering limescale reduction benefits. Reliability is enhanced by positioning valves in the cold water areas of the system and fill-level sensing...

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new product development The high pressure galley environment on board today’s commercial aircraft has to perform to the highest standards around the clock and produce a wide range of hot and cold refreshments that embody the service levels of each airline. Ipeco’s ambitious galley insert product development programme remains on track to transform cabin service and productivity. It will see the introduction of several new inserts and a much larger equipment portfolio by 2021/22 including our new Saros® range. new choices for aircraft operators Operators and airframe manufacturers expect...

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