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Premium temporary sanitary solutions Quality & comfort

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Sufficient and comfortable sanitary facilities; basic need and optimal visitor experience Adequate sanitation for everyone: • Human right VN res. 64/292 • VN Sustainable Development Goal • Key issue in crowdmanagement • Delight factor in hospitality management

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A comfortable resting point for passers-by and guests, with high quality and hygiene. Luxurious and smart design, with an eye for detail and executed with the best materials and plumbing. For a visitor experience that surpasses expectation.

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Public facilities that look permanent, yet can be disassembled and moved within 24 hours. Designed for intensive use and cleaning. Sturdy, safe and suitable for large numbers of visitors and executed with smart techniques.

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The sanitary modules can be assembled to fit customer requirements and available space.

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^ 0Toilet Urinal M / F or gender neutral Manual and automatic flushing Odor extraction Niche for bag -> Coat hook Led Indication free / busy 1 or 3 urinals Automatic flushing Odor extraction Niche for bag Coat hook O (S Disabled toilet Wheelchair accessible Odor extraction in toilet Jacket hook Sink 6 Washing facilities + 3 faucets with sensor Mirror with integrated soap and towel dispensers ■> Stock storage Large format paper tray Baby care room Technical unit Commode and diaper dispenser Seating Jacket hook Mandatory unit Power supply box Air handling unit Central drain point

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Plugaloo for temporary use at the time of building renovation and for locations and moments with high traffic visitor flow. For airports, train and metro stations, congress and shopping centers, and for offices and government buildings. 4 Billions of people worldwide do without good toilet facilities 4 Shortage of public toilets in every city 4 Temporary toilet facilities are seldom adequate 4 Toilet finders' are among the most popular smartphone apps

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