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The waiting in an environment where the object transmits suggestive lines and where the forms involve avant-garde technology, becomes rich in multiple sensations, placid revelations of past waitings, of future encounters… With the SARDI system, the spaces acquire forms that take technology as a departure point, the color as a partner, the design as a guideline for freedom… When the spaces acquire the necessary ambience for pleasant waiting.

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The concept of the SARDI rowarrangement system is intended to comply with the requirements of different kind of equipments. Its creative philosophy starts from clear premises: the adaptation of personalization of almost the whole system according to the specific demands and requirements of each arrangement. Low, intermediate or high variant, with straight or trapezium -shaped back, allowing a wide range of modifications within their own morphology. They confer definitely differentiated features to the system within the current market. The way the seats are shaped defines the personality of...

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If trying to arrrange quantity as well as planning beauty, the ESTAR model makes it easier to determine lines, forms and volumes. Recommended for large communities where seeking simplicity is considered to be a main guideline.

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Suggestive and sophisticated, the DESCANSO version is aimed to be an equipment for a non-conformist waiting room. It implies dynamic expectation, evoking passions, never indifference . Most suitable for medium-size communities and/or large rooms, offering particular aesthetic features thanks to its unique design.

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Quiet and confident, the RELAX range has aimed the essential intermediate level. RELAX, serenity when waiting. Suggested for medium-size and large communities. Up-to-date design, according to today's requirements.

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Comfort and differentiation. When image is required, the SARDI GRAN CONFORT range offers exclusiveness for your waiting room. Fascinating ... almost sensual. Suitable for large communities, reception areas and waitingrooms for professionals, where comfort is one of the most important premises.

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When seeking the most Designed for extreme, urban or essential functional features: environmental comunities, just design, nothing else. The where strength is irremediably PAUSA range calms down provocation and works as a stop to aggressiveness.

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Furniture for urban surroundings inside use: smart and strong, the and arrangements inside, where SARDI REPOSO range offers a the designer also seeks strong profile. It is an undoubtedly differentiation. different open air item.

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SARDI - 10

Chameleon-like. Changing and daring, but above all: very warm. To combine playing and waiting in the same environment, the ESTAR MW range is the right choice. For large communities, when the creation of a special atmosphere is required.

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SARDI - 11

When aiming control of form or For very demanding medium- size communities. downs, RELAX MW offers reliance and comfort.

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SARDI - 12

Particular components - Injected aluminium - Steel - Laminated aluminium - Steel tubular structure - Injected aluminium - Steel - Marble assortment - Granite Mounting of all elements, including thermic painting procedure on an structural as well as comfort-linked epoxy- polyester base in order to components (seats), is done by means assure high corrosion and abrasion of screws and not welded, in order to provide easy mounting and dismounting. All plate edges are rounded off to The supporting tube enables an avoid accidents. unlimited linear design thanks to a device Seat, back or head...

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SARDI - 13

TIERRA MARQUINA TIERRA ALMERIA TIERRA TRIANA TIERRA GALICIA METAL CORNER TABLE 90° BACK UNION GRAN ESTAR DESCANSO RELAX CONFORT PAUSA AIRE TIERRA MARQUINA TIERRA ALMERIA TIERRA TRIANA TIERRA GALICIA WOODEN CORNER TABLE 45°+ 45° GRAN ESTAR DESCANSO RELAX CONFORT PAUSA 600 600 600 600 600 (1) The AIRE leg can be installed to match the position of any of the seat or table supports or in the centre of a seat or a 580 table. (2) These legs can only be installed in the centre of a seat or a 580 tab

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