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ALIX™ Using AI to solve the problem of lost luggage very year, more than one million1 pieces of luggage are lost worldwide. Not only is this a major concern for travelers, but it also significantly impacts the image of airlines and their finances. Designed with and for airline’s bagage services, IDEMIA’s solution offers a new approach that will help airlines reduce the number of lost luggage and increase customer satisfaction. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, ALIX helps automate the unidentifiable luggage search process by providing each bag with an augmented digital tag. This innovation enables operators to identify bags that have lost their tags, using only the bag’s photo. Optimized operations Once a bag is managed by the baggage handling system of the airport, the ALIX Arch module performs high-quality captures of all five sides of the luggage to create its augmented digital tag. If the printed tag is torn off during its journey, the operator takes a new set of images of the bag and uses ALIX Core to retrieve its augmented digital tag, thus identifying the lost luggage. The operator creates a new printed tag and puts the luggage back into the baggage handling system. Easy to interface with existing IT systems, ALIX is scalable and rapidly operational in the field. › Highly accurate luggage recognition › High availability Easy to integrate › mooth integration into the S existing luggage handling ecosystem › entralized platform in the C cloud All elements are securely combined to create the augmented digital tag 3 760156 486918 > ALIX in action today Drawing upon decades of expertise in Artificial Intelligence and deap learning algorithms, IDEMIA is your #1 partner to help you implement high-performance solutions. Our top ranking algorithms combined with our high-quality image capture devices deliver operational efficiency to the ever-evolving requests of the air travel industry. 1- Figure per year prior to COVID-19 Developed in partnership with Air France, ALIX has been tested at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport for six months and helped identify bags that had lost their physical tag. After the success of the pilot phase, ALIX has been adopted and is currently being used at CDG. › Limited training required › ccommodates various use A cases Privacy by design › Embedded data protection ›

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ALIX™ - 2

ALIX, advanced hardware and software at your service 101011011 ALIX Core > High-quality image capture equipment > Automatic and manual image capture capabilities > Moving bags captured even in dim lighting > Optimized coverage of the five visible sides of the bag > Reliable volume assessment > Independent installation kit > Cloud-based SaaS platform > Secure centralized system > Field-proven algorithms for image processing and luggage identification > Embedded matching service > High-recognition capacity > Large data flow management > Reliable data collection and updates OPTIMIZED...

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