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Product Data Sheet Description Redux® 312 is a high strength 120°C curing film adhesive, suitable for metal to metal bonding and sandwich constructions, where operating temperatures of up to 100°C may be experienced. A supported version, Redux® 312/5, is available with a woven nylon carrier for bond line thickness control. Features ¥ Short cure cycle - cures in 30 minutes at 120°C ¥ Good mechanical performance up to 100°C ¥¥Suitable for composite to composite bonding ¥ Low volatile content (solventless process) Applications ¥ Metal to metal bonding ¥ Sandwich constructions ¥ Composite to composite bonding Forms Grey flexible film adhesive, available in 5 areal weights; 4 in unsupported form and one with a woven nylon carrier. Instructions For Use Pretreatment It is essential that all substrates to be used are free of contamination and are in as ideal a state for bonding as possible. As pretreatment varies significantly depending on the substrates used, please refer to the Hexcel Composites publication Redux® Bonding Technology for optimum procedures. If there is to be a delay between the pretreatment and bonding of aluminium, the pretreated surface should be protected with Redux® 112 surface pretreatment protection solution to conserve the optimum bonding surface. This will enable bonding to be delayed for up to 3 months without deterioration of the pretreated surface. The correct application of Redux® 112 should not alter the bonding performance of Redux® 312 (for full application details consult the relevant data sheet). Copyright © 2017 - Hexcel Corporation - All Rights Reserved 1

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1. Allow sufficient time for the adhesive to warm to room temperature (19°C - 27°C) before removing the protective polythene. 2. Cut the film to the shape and size required. 3. Remove the release paper and position the adhesive on the prepared bonding surface. 4. Remove the polythene backing sheet. 5. Complete the joint assembly and apply pressure while the adhesive is being cured. For sandwich structures the pressure application should be selected to suit the type of core used. After the adhesive has cured it is advisable to maintain pressure on the bonded assembly until it has cooled...

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Modified epoxy film adhesive Product Data Sheet Adhesives storage life Shelf Life: 18 months at -18°C Out Life: 30 days at 19-27°C The storage life is considered to have expired when either of these conditions has elapsed. Refer to the box label to determine the specific batch expiry date. Definitions Shelf life: Out life: The maximum storage time for Redux® adhesives from date of manufacture, when stored continuously in a sealed moisture-proof bag at -18°C. The maximum accumulated time allowed at 19-27°C between removal from the freezer for use and return to freezer after use. Storage...

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Modified epoxy film adhesive Product Data Sheet Release Certification The Quality System at Hexcel Composites Duxford has been certified to ISO 9001 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, and is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Defence. Certificates of Conformity and Test Reports can be issued for batches of Redux® 312 on request. For more information Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and industrial markets. Our comprehensive range includes: carbon fibers ¥¥ HexForce reinforcements ¥¥ HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements ¥¥...

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